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Listen to Your Diddalum

written by Emily Child & illustrated by Maria Lebedeva

The Diddalum is something that everyone has deep within themselves. It comes from inside somewhere between your chest and your tummy. Sometimes it makes you strong or makes you want to sing. And sometimes it helps you say “I’m sure” even if you aren’t.


Paperback / 200 x 200 / 40 pages / Imagnary House


written & illustrated by Abraham Martinez

Year 2051. The largest company in the world, called The Company, takes over the government on a planetary level and begins to run it as if it were a company. In a plutocracy, being richer is equivalent to having more power, there are no longer elections, but shareholders’ meetings in which the vote is based on the number of shares that each citizen owns. The government is made up of those who accumulate the most shares and everything is governed by the laws of the market, which gives rise to a curious political system. In this context, an anonymous citizen decides to investigate how the world has reached that situation beyond the official version. Without knowing very well why, members of the government itself end up encouraging him to carry out said investigation apparently against his own interests, facilitating access to all the information.


Bang Ediciones / hardback / 200 x 270 / 144 pp

Heart of Stone

written and illustrated by Jutta Nymphus

Kay seems to be out of favour with everyone and since his father has lost his job, it isn’t pleasant at home. As he is almost suspended from school, his German teacher wants to give him a last chance. From now on, Kay needs to take care of a special-needs child, Greta.

Hardback / 148 x 210 / 144 pages / Tulipan Verlag


Charlotte Habersack & Susanne Göhlich

Giraffe Gawkie wonders: Why are there so many leaves on the ground? Jona explains that fall is coming – but Gawkie simply doesn’t understand what »fall« means. Oh dear, Gawkie does not know the four seasons! Time for Jona to help him! A playful story for very first readers.

World except Germany

148 cm x 210 cm / 48 pages / Tulipan Verlag


Renata Bueno

Each page of this book can be read one way or another – is the basket full or empty? Is this animal a spider or an octopus? It all depends on where you position the mirror. Full of surprises this book introduces children to the concept of symmetry.

180 x 180 / 30 pages

World except French


written by Lisa Broberg

Rakel’s friends are the best at keeping secrets. Yet, she can’t tell them everything. Nour lives in Västervik with her new family and Rakel and Tove remained in Stockholm. All the best places are there – the graveyard and the place for guitar lessons. And home is good too, of course, even if they don’t even have a hamster. Just tired fishes in a tank. And a secret, that weighs several tons.

Paperback / 135 x 210 / 192 pages / Olika Förlag


written by Jennifer Wegerup & illustrated by Jenny Karlsson

Straightforwardly explained by journalist and football-expert Jennifer Wegerup, this book will not leave a stone unturned when it comes to football, going into the basics and details that might at first seem daunting and difficult. The first book in the new series OLIKA Facts, a concept that will look into different subjects, told in a fun and straightforward way, to be enjoyed by both children and adults.

 Paperback / 200 x 200 / 124 pages / Olika Förlag


written by Murray Brodin & illustrated by Bettina Johansson

Just like in the previous titles Hamsa and Alvdis explore feelings – this time they witness someone’s older brother being scared and ask questions of what can cause fear. An important series that presents emotions from the point of view of children.

Paperback / 185 x 185 / 36 pages / Olika Forlag 


written by Anti Saar & illustrated by Anna Ring

Pärt and his dad have finished shopping and are queuing to pay. Suddenly, Dad notices that he has forgotten something. ”Stay here, Pärt!,” says Dad. But the line is moving fast and Pärt has to put things on the conveyer belt. A series about uncomfortable situations familiar to all children.

Rights sold: Polish, Latvian & Russian

Hardback / 160 x 210 / 32 pages / Paike Ja Pilv


written by Kadri Kiho & illustrated by Mirjam Siim

Hi, my name is Karl Joonas. Just this morning while I was getting up, I found that one of my favorite socks had a hole in it. But that was only the beginning! Some days are simply full of holes. Winner of the 2017 Kneelength Book Contest!

Paperback / 220 x 220 / 42 pages / Paike Ja Pilv