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Heart of Stone

Jutta Nymphus

Kay seems to be out of favour with everyone and since his father has lost his job, it isn’t pleasant at home. As he is almost suspended from school, his German teacher wants to give him a last chance. From now on, Kay needs to take care of a special-needs child, Greta.

World except German

148 cm x 210 cm / 144 pages / Tulipan Verlag


Kadri Kiho & Mirjam Siim

Hi, my name is Karl Joonas. Just this morning while I was getting up, I found that one of my favorite socks had a hole in it. But that was only the beginning! Some days are simply full of holes. Winner of the 2017 Kneelength Book Contest!

Paike Ja Pilv /220 x 220 / 42 pages

World except Estonian


Petra Postert & Jens Rassmus

The holiday season has arrived! Jim and his dad are on their way to the seaside. But the ride is long for young Jim is getting bored. Are we there yet? Maybe Dad could tell a story to make the journey go faster? How about the story of a goat and the goose on their way to the seaside! By the author and illustrator of I STILL NEED ALL OF IT!

Tulipan Verlag / 250 x 230 / 36 pages

World except German


Jimi Macías

A graphic novel of science fiction set in Madrid in the early 90’s. The author combines the codes and clichés of the genre with visual and literary quotes from various authors: from David Lynch, Almodóvar or Kunihiko Ikuhara to Wes Anderson or Haruki Murakami. The resulting story fundamentally reflects on gender roles and alludes to issues that are currently topical, such as transexuality and the visibility of LGBT families.

Bang Ediciones / 220 x 290 / 180 pages

World except Spanish (Spain) & French


Emily Child & Maria Lebedeva

The Diddlelumis something that everyone has deep within themselves.Sometimes you feel a noise. It’s not loud. And it’s not scary. It comes from insidesomewhere between your chest and your tummy. Sometimes it makes you strong. Sometimes it makes you want to sing. And sometimes it helps you say “I’m sure” even if you aren’t.

200 x 200 / 40 pages

World except English (South Africa&UK)


Pep Brocal

Lily lives with her family in an old house. A gigantic explosion at the chemical factory leads to a cell modification on insects and a mutation of their sizes. What would the world be like if we knew that an ant can lift sixty times its own weight? A fast-paced trilogy with a strong female lead character. 

Mamut Comics / 190×260; 64p
World excl. Spain