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A Little Love Story

Tia Navi & Kadi Kumera

The right-hand mitten had fallen out of the other pocket and was now lying on the cold, snow-crusted pavement. It knew what happens to mittens who are left on their own. Every mitten must have a partner.

Paike Ja Pilv / 200mm x 200mm / 32 pages

World except Estonian, Romanian & Korean


Werner Holzwarth & Mehrad Zaeri

For Peckie, the oxpecker, Jimmy the rinho, is the biggest hero. Together they experience countless adventures and Peckie can no longer imagine a life without his Jimmy grows weaker and one day he settles down forever. Peckie makes new friends and never tires of telling stories of Jimmy. By the author of the best seller The Story of The Little Mole.

200mmx240mm/40 pages – Tulipan Verlag

World ex. German, Korean & Simplified Chinese


Pri Ferrari

Boys are used to hearing from grownups that they cannot cry, feel or act the same way as girls do. But the truth is that boy’s stuff is whenever they want it to be: a little boy can cry when he is feeling sad, hug a friend when he is happy or play with a doll instead of a ball if he prefers it. The companion book of GIRL’S STUFF.

RIGHTS SOLD: Portuguese, Spanish (LA)


Margarita de Mazo & Jose Fragoso

In a peaceful kingdom, where time trickled by without haste, princess called Jill was born. The queen and king had always wanted a little girl whose hair they could put into ringlets. Jill was very curious and she soon learned to crawl, but Jill could never sit still!

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish, Catalan, Italian, English (UK/USA)