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Orit Gidali

A charming series featuring the elephant Toto and his friends in daily interactions: playing hide and seek, going to the beach and eating ice cream. Orit Bergman manages to create children’s world depicting familiar situations.

Kinneret / 200 x 200; 20p
World excl. Hebrew & Simplified Chinese


written by Hyun-sook Lee & illustrated by Moon-ju Jung
Another first thing babies do when they grow
up is to stretch. This book illustrates fun ways
of stretching legs and arms. Entertaining and
a great introduction to stretching from a very
young age.

Board Book / 22 pp / Woongjin Thinkbig





written by Sae-hyun Cho & illustrated by Jong-kyun Lee
One of the first things babies do when they grow up is to roll. This book illustrates fun ways of rolling. Perfect for toddlers who start exploring the world around them.

Board Book / 22 pp / Woongjin Thinkbig




written and illustrated by Yayo Kawamura
The little wolf is sad. The squirrel, the rabbit and the fox are not allowed to play with him. Their mums won’t let them as they think wolves are dangerous. Only the little bee is brave enough to play hide and seek with the little wolf. Will the other animals be able to overcome their fear and join the fun?
RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish & Catalan
Tulipan Verlag / Board Book


written & illustrated by Alona Frankel

Joshua asks his parents and pets to help him count up to ten. Until he finds a secret counting tool, right at hand. Alona Frankel’s work is translated internationally and has been exhibited around the world. She has won awards including an IBBY Honor (1982) and the Prime Minister’s Prize (2014).

Board Book / 200 x 200 / 24 pages / Kinneret Publishing

Let’s Be Friends

written by Rafael Saporta & illustrated by Nachum Gutman

Mom gave me a spooLet's be friends covern;  And a bib to wear on top;             I ate it all quite neatly;  And I didn’t spill a drop. 
Rafael Saporta’s (1913-1982) children’s songs and poems have become classics over the years With classic illustrations by Nahum Gutman (1898-1980), one of Israel’s greatest artists, and a new fresh design, LET’S BE FRIENDS is the perfect companion book for toddlers’ first experiences.

Board Book / 200 x 200 / 24 pp / Kinneret Publishing

Girl, Moon

written & illustrated by Leticia Ruifernández

A baby girl is stNIÑA LUNA coverartled by a new event in front of her – birds are flying down from the moon towards her. They eat, drink, kiss and fly back and the baby tries to describe what she sees using her first words.

In this delicate and beautiful book, intrigue, wonder and realisation unravel at a soft and almost silent pace.

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