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Jesper Lundqvist & Daniel Sjo

‘A perfect day for a family-outgoing!!!’ It says on a note that someone has blown-off into space. The curious space creatures ask themselves what a family is and decide the go in search of one. A fun story that introduces various forms of families and the variations that make up a family today.

210mm x 210mm / 64 pages/ Olika Forlag


Marion Besnard & various

The collection MY HEROINES offer a journey through the lives of women who influenced History. Their lives changed the fate of countries, contributed to major advancements and discoveries. Each book focuses on a period of their lives. In the series; CLEOPATRA, COCO CHANEL, LUCIE AUBRAC, ALEXANDRA DAVID-NEEL and soon SIMONE VEIL.


Laurent Audouin

Mathilde and her schoolmates are going on a school field trip – this time let’s go underground! During a week they learn about speleology, life in caves and what comes with it – bats and darkness, silence, mood… An exciting new title in this successful charming series about school trips. Also in the series; London, Paris, skiing, seaside and expedition.


written & illustrated by Kai Pannen
Ugulu is bored – together with his sister Mim, he always has to collect mushrooms for the winter because his family thinks that he is too slim to go hunting. As Ugulu decides to build a trap to catch a mammoth, Rondur, the leader of the clan, falls inside the hole. And as the siblings find a little wolf and take it home, Rondur is even less amused.

Hardback / 148 x 210 / 48 pp


Nele series

written by Anne Maar & Illustrated by Manuela Olten

Cover_ErstleserNele loves to paint red roses, blue oceans and green grass. But the one colour she doesn’t like at all is yellow! And then aunt Lilly arrives with her birthday present: a yellow jumper of all things …

A wonderful series dealing with a number of key themes in children’s lives.

RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese & Dutch

Hardback / 210 x 148 /  48 pages / Tulipan Verlag


Cowboy Klaus Series

COWBOY KLAUS AND HIS PIG LISA written by Eva Muszynski  & illustrated by Karsten Teich

Cowboy Klaus and his Pig Lisa cover

Cowboy Klaus and his pig Lisa are living on a farm in the Wild West. Every time Cowboy Klaus needs to do his shopping he has to pull on a diving suit because of all the cactuses growing around the farm. The cactuses are protecting the farm, of course, but on the other hand there is hardly anyone who drops by the farm to visit the two of them. So life on the farm is getting a bit lonely. But then one day Cowboy Klaus has an idea…

RIGHTS SOLD: Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Norwegian, French, Polish, Estonian

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Princess Fibi Series

PRINCESS FIBI AND THE DRAGON written by Gudrun Likar & illustrated by Sabine Büchner

Layout 1Fibi is tired of being a princess. She’s dreaming of adventures and heroic actions. When a bad-tempered dragon terrifies the kingdom of her mother, Fibi’s opportunity has come to prove her courage. Bravely she tackles the monster about its misbehaviour…

RIGHTS SOLD: Korean, Dutch, Norwegian and Turkish.

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Theo Series

THEO AND THE PATCHWORK BEAR written by Martin Klein & illustrated by Manuela Olten

Layout 1Theo, Nils and Henry can hardly wait: For the first time they are going on a school trip. They know it will be fun: hiking, teasing the girls, staying up late and just being spunky boys. Of course Theo can’t admit that he never ever has been away from home without his huge and much beloved patchwork bear Arno. The next morning Theo turns up with a really enormous bag.

RIGHTS SOLD: Korean; Spanish (Spain & Mexico); Portuguese (Brazil).

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