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Wilma and Happy Series

written by Anneli Khayati & illustrated by Mikael Sjömilla

wilma and happy

COURAGE WITH WILMA AND HAPPY W- Wilma is in a wheel chair and she is using her wheels, instead of her legs, to go around. It is Saturday and Wilma and Happy are playing soccer. Happy kicks the ball really hard and by accident into the garden of an angry woman. Now they have to use their courage and act fast. IBBY’s outstanding book! 

TOGETHER WITH WILMA AND HAPPY – When Wilma comes back to school after being ill, nothing is like it used to be. Happy does not wait for her when the bell rings but runs off with Sandra. Continue reading

Goggy Bakes Banana Bread

written and illustrated by John Macfarlane

Goggy is hungrbook_2_largey and his tummy is growling. He can’t decide what to eat. So he looks at his cat, who know what he wants, “Ah! banana bread, what a treat!” Go with Goggy and his cat to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for a simple to make banana bread, Help Goggy prepare the bread for baking and enjoy the result!

The perfect read for mums, dads and carers to keep hungry tots up to six years old entertained and introduce them to identifying colours, shapes, sizes, and quantities – and eat a delicious banana bread, too! Continue reading

Oom Kallas and the Tortoises

written by Claerwen Howie

Oom Kallas cover 1A week on Gran’s farm becomes an adventure of discovery when Oom Kallas introduces them to the geometric tortoise. But a devastating veld fire sweeps through a nearby nature reserve. Will the firefighters stop the fire reaching Gran’s farm? Can Sally find the tortoises in time?

Claerwen Howie spent many years as a student and lecturer at Rhodes University, Grahamstown.

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Uncle Leo’s Adventures Series

written by Yannets Levi & illustrated by Yaniv Shimony

Uncle LeoDod Arie cover 1 is no ordinary uncle – he loves to share with his nephews amazing adventures of the time he got stuck on a cloud, visited the chocolate land or turned into a cockroach. Andy loves his uncle’s stories in which he always finds comfort and ways to deal with the challenges that come with being a kid.

RIGHTS SOLD: Czech; Korean; Japanese; Chinese; Arabic; English (India).

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The Perfect Story Series

written by Eldad Ilani & illustrated by Yaniv Shimony

How wouPerfect Story cover 1ld you write a perfect story? Take a prince from Bulgaria and name him Cristiano Buligrov. Add a princess named Imperial Highness Baroness Brigitta Stoychkov. Make them fall in love and send them on the most amazing adventures spiced with conspiracies, breathtaking battles, hilarious situations and a cast of amazing characters.

RIGHTS SOLD: Books 1 & 2 – Hungarian; French.

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Don’t Talk About It!

Written by Noemie Shay & illustrated by Aya Gordon-Noy

Imagine Don't Talk about It front coverthat one day everything you knew about your life turns out to be untrue! This is what happens to Ruti who accidentally finds out a big family secret. In her search for answers Ruti faces a wall of silence. She embarks on a journey of discovery into the past where the family secret becomes much bigger and intertwines with the history of her people.

RIGHTS SALES: Portuguese (Brazil).

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