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written by Marina Klink & illustrated by Cárcamo
Join the Klink family’s adventure around the world. Daddy’s name is Amyr and Mommy’s, Marina. Laura, Tamara and Marininha are their daughters. One day, mommy had a great idea! Let’s take the whole family with him the next time Daddy went for a travel.

Paperback / 270 x 205 mm / 40 pages / Companhias das Letrinhas


written by José Carlos Andrés & illustrated by  Ana Sanfelippo
Ale would like a dog, a cat, an elephant, agiraffe… But a dinosaur? She would never have thought about it in a million years. A situation familiar to many families.

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish; Catalan; Italian; English (UK/US)

Hardback / 275 x 254 / 40 pp / Ediciones NubeOcho


written by A.H. Benjamin & illustrated by Merel Eyckerman
What’s that terrible GROWL? Is it a hungry lion, a dragon or a bear? And what does it want? An adorable story about the arrival of a baby brother or sister.

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish; Catalan; Italian; English (UK/US)

Hardback / 260 x 260 / 32 pp / Ediciones NubeOcho


I Love my Colourful Nails

written by Alicia Acosta, Luis Amavisca & illustrated by Gusti
Ben likes to paint his nails, until some kids at school started teasing him. When Dad realises why Ben is sad, he decides to paint his nails too. A touching story of tolerance.

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish; Catalan; Italian; English (UK/US)

Hardback / 250 x 250mm / 36 pp / Ediciones Nube Ocho


written by Paula Merlan & illustrated by Gomez
Tim is a finger who loves going up Sofia’s nose. Sofia has a bad habit – her parents have told her over and over. Until one day when Sofia looks in the mirror she sees that her nose has become gigantic.

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish; Catalan; Italian; English (UK/US); French & Korean

Hardback / 250 x 290 mm / 36 pp / Ediciones NubeOcho

Sand Castle

written & illustrated by Einat Tsarfati

A young girl in on the beach with her parents building a sand castle, but not any castle. A real castle with a seaside view. She is expecting guests – Kings and Queens from all around the world. They are having a good time until trouble starts over breakfast when the guests find sand in their food … Let the adventure begin!

RIGHTS SOLD: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan & Simplified Chinese

Hardback / 36 pp / Einat Tsarfati

Animals’ Elections

written & illustrated by André Rodrigues, Larissa Ribeiro, Paula Desgualdo & Pedro Markun
The animals couldn’t stop talking about one thing: the Lion had diverted the water from the river to build a swimming pool in his front burrow. This was the last straw. Outraged, the animals started to question whether the Lion should really be the king of the forest.

RIGHTS SOLD: English (North America), Italian, Greek, Spanish, Catalan, Estonian, Portuguese (Portugal), Japanese, Complex Chinese & Korean. Continue reading

Abigail’s Sweet

written by Bénédicte Carboneill & illustrated by Barbara Brun

Tonight someone is knocking on the Ladenlongue family’s door. Who dares enter this dangerous manor? Gaëtan has come to ask for sweets or for a spell. It is Halloween! Abigail can’t stay in bed, she has to see who came to visit. Behind her parents’ back she follows Gaëtan from door to door and she discovers the pleasure of eating sweets … with moderation!!

Hardback / 205 x 210 / 32 pages / Les P’tits Berets


written by Inka Pabst & illustrate by Mehrdad Zaeri

Peppi likes spending most of her time with grandma. But one day Peppi noticed something strange. It happened when they were playing French skipping. Normally, Peppi only managed to jump hip-high, as when the rope is on Grandma’s hip it reaches up to Peppi’s neck. But on that day, it only reached up until the belly. 

RIGHTS SOLD: Korean & Persian. Continue reading