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Kim HWANG & Lee Heeeun

Doctor Cat’s house is always crowded with cats. One day, a cat explains that it cannot eat fish as the child in the family where is lives hates eating fish. Doctor Cat visit the child called Minho and invites him to the real world of fish. A fun story full of information.

225mmx245mm/ 36 pages – Woongjin Thinkbig


Werner Holzwarth & Mehrad Zaeri

For Peckie, the oxpecker, Jimmy the rinho, is the biggest hero. Together they experience countless adventures and Peckie can no longer imagine a life without his Jimmy grows weaker and one day he settles down forever. Peckie makes new friends and never tires of telling stories of Jimmy. By the author of the best seller The Story of The Little Mole.

200mmx240mm/40 pages – Tulipan Verlag


Sezin Mavioglu & Gokce Irten

This story is about an ant wo lives in books. One day when the ant and its family are visiting a house in search of food, our hero runs away and finds itself in a bookcase. There the ant dives into the world of books. It meets letters and figures out how to write. It sees numbers and punctuation marks.


Siirsel Tas & Akin Duzakin

A child turns into an oak tree and the tree starts its life all alone in a city. It grows into a forest as the seasons pass and becomes friends with many animals and insects and endures difficulties. By one of the most appreciated Turkish author, a story about growing and the cycles of nature. Worldwide-known illustrator Akin Duzakin beautifully illustrates with his unique style.


Loic Dauvillier & Olivier Deloye

Playtime is an important moment in a child’s development – it helps release energy, meet others, argue with others, and it facilitates exchange. It also contributes to the development of skills. All of these elements can be found in the various stories told by the characters in this unique and clever book that combines comics, picture book and activities.


Otavio Junior & Vanina Starkoff

A poetic book that presents life in a favela in Rio de Janeiro from a child’s positive perspective. The colourful collage illustrations depict features, gestures, objects, animals, people and lives as the narrator sees them from the window. An invitation to observe, absorb and think. Otavio Junior opened the first libraries in the favelas of Complexo da Penha and Complexo do Alemao- where he was born.


Sandra Le Guen & Stephane Nicolet

One day a new girl joined the class. She cam from a country at war and arrived on a boat with her parents and her young sister. She looks like us and stares at the stars like us. These stars guided her during her long journey. A touching and empowering story about immigration and tolerance from the point of view of a child who meets an immigrant for the first time.

RIGHTS SOLD: French, English, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil)


Pri Ferrari

Boys are used to hearing from grownups that they cannot cry, feel or act the same way as girls do. But the truth is that boy’s stuff is whenever they want it to be: a little boy can cry when he is feeling sad, hug a friend when he is happy or play with a doll instead of a ball if he prefers it. The companion book of GIRL’S STUFF.

RIGHTS SOLD: Portuguese, Spanish (LA)