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illustrated by Megan Bird
Megan Bird, a significantly established South African illustrator, has re-imagined this wonderful children’s tale by Lewis Carroll to be a modern twist of maddened adventure. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is about a curious little girl called Alice, whose curiousity leads her to fall down a rabbit hole and into a marvelously troublesome world.

Paperback / A5 / 112 pp / Imaginary House



Shiraz’s Wise Heart

written by Rita Jahanforuz & illustrated by Vali Mintzi

When ShirShiraz coveraz drops her ball of red wool from the balcony, she knows she will need all of her courage to retrieve it. For the ball of wool has landed in a neighbour’s garden, and the person who owns the garden is very unusual. Rita is a well-known singer who was born in Iran and emigrated to Israel with her parents in 1970.

RIGHTS SALES: World English; Portuguese (Brazil), Turkish

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Treasure of Hebrew Legends

written by Shoham Smith & illustrated by Vali Mintzi

What did the aniTreasure of Hebrew Legends front covermals eat in Noah’s Ark? How did the angel give Moses his stutter? What riddles did the queen of Sheba write for King Solomon and what did a little bee teach him? This splendid collection includes all the most famous and important tales from the vast treasure of Jewish culture.

RIGHTS SOLD: Portuguese Brazil.

Stories that have been passed from generation to generation and from the holiest books are retold here in a way that speaks to the child of the 21st century. Continue reading

Signs in the Well

written by Shoham Smit & illustrated by Vali Mintzi

Young Akiva waCover Fronts an excellent and experienced goat-herder. He knew how to take care of newborn goats and he knew where the best grass grew! But there was one thing that Akiva didn’t know: Akiva did not know how to read. Shoham Smit brings to life the journey of an illiterate shepherd who became known as an exemplary teacher and a great sage.

RIGHTS SOLD: World English; Spanish (PJ Library)

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

written by L. Frank Baum & illustrated by Yaniv Shimony

In this beaCover frontutiful edition Yaniv Shimony takes us on a journey to the Emerald City. His vibrant and witty illustrations show this classic story in a new light that will capture the heart of a young generation of readers. Breathtaking! Yaniv Shimony is a prolific children’s book illustrator, also involved in comics and animation projects.

He won the Israel Museum Award (silver medal) and is published worldwide. Yaniv is the talented illustrator of the middle-grade series THE PERFECT STORY and UNCLE LEO’S ADVENTURES. Continue reading

The Wolf, The Princess and The Seven Dwarves

written by The Brothers Grimm & illustrated by Ofra Amit

A beautifuGrimm Cover frontl collection including 12 original tales by Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm such as Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and The Fisherman and his Wife. Ofra Amit’s stunning illustrations are a breath of fresh air to the world of fairy tales. Her interpretation shows creativity and innovation whilst remaining faithful to the original stories.

Ofra Amit is the winner of the Israel Museum Award and was selected for the 2010 IBBY Honour List. Her work is exhibited and published worldwide. Continue reading