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Where is Love?

written by  Kätlin Vainola & illutsrated by Kertu Sillaste
Where is Love_cover
“How do you know, that you love me?” asked Sarah’s mother. “I just know it, I feel it here and here and here,” said mother and pointed at her heart and head and stomach. Where is love, if you cannot feel it? Is it alive? What color is it? Can you touch it? What can you do with it? Can you get rid of it?

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written & illustrated by Olga de Dios

searchingSearching is a book created to help children learn to see and appreciate what they have around them instead of searching for what is elsewhere or faraway. Its illustrations will help children learn to observe. They will also find vocabulary, numbers and they will meet a lot of different characters. Do you feel like “searching”?

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