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Simon’s Secret

written & illustrated by Luz Marina Baltazar

It was getting dark and the house smelt of strawberry cake. “It’s for our breakfast tomorrow, now time to sleep, my darling.” “I was asked a very difficult question at school today, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I didn’t know what to say!” “I’ll tell you a secret that grandma once told me: you can find the answers to your questions in your dreams.” Simon was thoughtful for a long time, he asked his question in silence and fell asleep. RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish, Catalan, Korean

Hardback / 300 x 230 / 36 pp / Editorial Kókinos

Three Koochooloos without a Story

written & illustrated by Mandana Sadat

Once upon a time there were three Koochooloos without a story. They lived in the air, off love and fresh water, and above all ‘cherryflies’. Until one day Chikette said, “We can’t carry on like this, we don’t have a story!” She convinced the other Koochooloos to go in search of a story…

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish, Catalan, English (UK & Commonwealth)

Hardback / 305 x 215 / 48 pages / Editorial Kokinos

The Giant

written by Marisa López Soria & illustrated by Emilio Urberuaga

el gigante coverWhen Mei met the giant, her little body shuddered even if he placed Blue Dragon into her hands. What a gigantic giant! Would he eat her first, or would he prefer to gobble up Blue Dragon? How scary! Mei doesn’t trust him, of course, nor can she be fooled just like that. A touching and very special picture book about adoption through the eyes of little Mei. Emilio Urberuaga who is famous for his illustrations of the character Manolito Gafotas. In 2011 Emilio Urberuaga received the Premio Nacional de Illustración from the Ministry of Culture in Spain.

Hardback / 240 x 260 / 32 pages / Editorial Kókinos

Once Upon Many Things

by Lupe Estevés & Maribel Ganso

Once cover

People are naturally a compilation of contradictions and opposite points, a mix of feelings, concrete ideas and abstract concepts – we are a fantastic collage. From this conclusion came this story loaded with words and images inspired by the world of children.


Being and Appearing

written by Jorge Luján & illustrated by Isol

A simple aSer y parecer Covernd at the same time profound poem wrapped in bold illustrations that tells us that we are not what we appear to the naked eye. An invitation into a journey beyond appearance to discover who we really are. My nose is tiny and gets lost in my face, but it can smell cookies two blocks away.


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My Body and Me

written Jorge Luján & illustrated by Isol

Mi cuerpo cover

What do children think about their own body? The protagonist of this book believes that he is very different from his own body. For instance his body washes in water whilst he bathes in laughter. At night his body sleeps whilst he escapes into dreams. But the protagonist prefers his own body after all because he lends him his eyes. A powerful book!


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Winter Afternoon

written by Jorge Luján & Mandana Sadat

tarde de invierno

This beautiful poem written by Jorge Luján is about a child waiting for his mother to come home deals with separation and reunion.  Mandana Sadat’s splendid illustrations add an emotional and tender layer to the text. Winter Afternoon is the result of two great creative minds meeting for the first time.

RIGHTS SOLD: English, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian & Korean.

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Who Goes There?

written by Emilio Urberuaga

Quien anda ahi front cover

Emil lives inside the illustration of a book. One day he discovers that if he pushes hard on the line that borders the illustration, he will break it and enter another page. So he gives a big kick and steps into a blank page. He explores and adds a table, a chair and a birdcage until Coco, the protagonist of the story, comes looking for him.

RIGHTS SOLD: Portuguese (Brazil), Italian & Complex Chinese

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My Maze

written by Pablo Guerrero & illustrated by Emilio Urberuaga

Inspired bmi-laberinto front covery the classic question “What will I be when I grow up?” this lovely book presents various professions through simple and beautiful lines combined with fantastic art. “When I’m a cook, your smile is the finest flour.” “When I’m a pilot, I see you in every cloud.”

Emilio Urberuaga gives a tender and humorous touch to the song by Pablo Guerrero in line with children’s emotions and imagination. In 2011 Emilio Urberuaga received the Premio Nacional de Illustración from the Ministry of Culture in Spain.

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Marc Couldn’t Sleep

written by Gabriela Keselman & illustrated by Noemí Villamuza

Marc really De verdad que no podia_CUB 2011:Cubierta 05 okwants to go to sleep but he can’t. He is scared and worried. What if a giant mosquito flew into his bedroom and bit him? What if he fell out of bed? What if the moon melted and the world fell into darkness? Mum tries everything  to reassure Marc until she finds the most natural solution to help him sleep. RIGHTS SOLD: English; Japanese & Portuguese (Brazil).
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