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Marc Couldn’t Sleep

written by Gabriela Keselman & illustrated by Noemí Villamuza

Marc really De verdad que no podia_CUB 2011:Cubierta 05 okwants to go to sleep but he can’t. He is scared and worried. What if a giant mosquito flew into his bedroom and bit him? What if he fell out of bed? What if the moon melted and the world fell into darkness? Mum tries everything  to reassure Marc until she finds the most natural solution to help him sleep. RIGHTS SOLD: English; Japanese & Portuguese (Brazil).
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The Rock

written by Jorge Luján & illustrated by Chiara Carrer

On the outCover frontskirts of the village there’s a rock. The rock has a question for those who approach it – the ones who answer correctly can continue their journey and the ones who don’t must turn back. “Before I was a rock, what was I…?” asks the rock. “An archipelago!” says Lucia. “The tail of a snail!” says John who can also pass. But each time Pedro answers: “You’ve never been anything but a rock!” he has to turn around. Only the power of imagination and creative thinking can move this very special rock.

WHITE RAVENS 2014 / RIGHTS SOLD: Korean & Portuguese (Brazil).  Continue reading

Don’t Go Away!

written by Gabriela Keselman & illustrated by Gabriela Rubio

Catalina doNo te vayas coveres not like to say goodbye. She feels something strange every time the sun sets or a balloon flies away, when she loses a tooth and her dad turns off the light at night. But she understands that some things have to go in order to receive other things equally beautiful, funny and comforting. A special book that leaves the reader room to understand why we must sometimes say goodbye.

RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese.

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In the End

written by Silvia Nanclares & illustrated Miguel Brieva

When she Al final coverforgets her house keys, our young heroin embarks on an amazing adventure through the power of her imagination. Filled with curiosity and courage she discovers an imaginary world and meets the most fantastic creatures. Both a simple and intense book, IN THE END stands half way between a picture book and a graphic novel.

RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese.

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The Dream Master

written & illustrated by Nicolai Troshinsky

Once upon el-domador-de-suenos_pa time there was an old man who could dream so well that he could dream whatever he wanted – even people’s deepest wishes. The rumour that the old man was a professional dreamer spread so far that many people came to him with their dreams: the sweeper wanted to be a footballer, the waiter wanted to be a conductor and the mechanics an astronaut.

RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese.

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written by Antonio Ventura & illustrated by Leticia Ruifernández

Paul justla-rayuela_p wants one thing with all his heart – that Martha loves him. So when he plays hopscotch in the school yard, he tries hard to win, to reach the sky and make the same wish – let Martha love me.

Antonio Ventura is a teacher, an editor and an author who founded in 1977 the children’s literature magazine Babar. Leticia Ruifernández is a talented illustrator known for her distinctive watercolours. Continue reading

The Black Hole

written & illustrated by Jaime Compairé

Astronomers sel-agujero-negro_pay that a black hole can be much larger than what one can imagine. So what do we really know about black holes? Just like any child we know that it starts small and that it gets deeper and larger than we can imagine.

In this clever novelty book we learn that a black hole starts very small, the size of a dot on a letter “i“.

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Good Morning, Mr Day!

written by Ana Rossetti & illustrated by Jorge Artajo

Mireya andbuenos-dias-senor-hoy_p her friends greet the new day, Mr Today, and wonder what is in store for them. Sun, clouds, a storm? They go out on an exciting trip but suddenly the bright and sunny day turns cloudy and it starts raining.

When night comes, Mireya feels a little scared but luckily the lights in her house reassures her and brings her pleasant thoughts.

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