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Orit Gidali & Omer Hoffmann

On Lizzie’s birthday, Mom ordered her present on the internet – Surprise! A unicorn! Lizzie looked at her friends Her friends looked at the unicorn. “That’s not exactly a unicorn…” Lizzie said. “It’s…” “It’s what?” asked Mom. She sounded tense.

Kinneret Zmora-Bitan Dvir

All rights available except Hebrew


Orit Gidali

A charming series featuring the elephant Toto and his friends in daily interactions: playing hide and seek, going to the beach and eating ice cream. Orit Bergman manages to create children’s world depicting familiar situations.

Kinneret / 200 x 200; 20p
World excl. Hebrew & Simplified Chinese


Dvora Busheri & Noa Kelner

Dru is on the swing in the playground when Sophie comes by and asks her to play. But there’s not enough room for two on the swing. A clever and charming board book series that reveals children’s interaction on the playground.

Kinneret Zmora Dvir Publishing / 200mm x 200mm/20 pages

World except Hebrew


Allison Ofanansky & Rotem Teplow

Miriam sits in her courtyard and watches the sky above the rooftops of Fez turn dark. When three stars twinkle overhead, Passover ends and another holiday -Mimouna- begins. Miriam can’t wait to sink her teeth into the paper-thin pancakes her mother always makes for Mimouna. But they don’t have any flour! With the help of Jasmine and her mother, their Muslim neighbour, the party takes place and joy is in the air.

Kinneret Zmora Dvir Publishing/ 270mm x 210mm / 32 pages

World except Hebrew & English (North America)


Aviad Sar-Shalom & Liav

Last Tuesday in the yard, just behind the backdoor, Oren happened to find a little dinosaur. ‘What is a dinosaur doing here?’ Oren thought. ‘He belongs in the Jurassic Era. I’d better take him back home right now.’ Luckily Oren has a time machine at home. Let’s the adventure start!

195mm x 245mm/48 pages/ Kinneret Zmora Dvir Publishing


Nathan and Yael Gover & Noam Nadav

Once upon a time, in the faraway kingdom of Jordan, lived an Emir who had a magnificent pair of boots. Every time he went off to war, he would ride away until he was all worn out and his boots were all worn out, too. When the Emir meets a Jewish cobbler, who makes him the best boots ever, a special bond grows between the two men.

270mm x 210mm / 32 pages/ Kinneret Zmora Dvir Publishing

Who Invented School, Anyway?

written by Shoham Smith & illustrated by Einat Tsarfati

In a few weeks, days, or even tomorrow, you will go for the first time to a place that will become an important part of your life for years – school. This book will tell you about who invented school, when and why. How did school look like in the past? Do all the schools around the world look the same?

Kinneret Zmora-Bitan Dvir / 255 x 195 / 80pp

World except Hebrew, Korean, Simplified & Complex Chinese

The Memory Peddler

written by Orit Gidali & illustrated by Tami Bezaleli
One day the memories peddler and his son stopped next to an old man. The memories peddler peaked out of the window and asked: “Would you have by any chance some old memories to sell?” “Old memories?” answered the old man surprised. “What would you need someone else’s used memories for?” A poignant and powerful story about an old man who sells his memories of his long-gone Rosie and realises too late how precious they were.

Hardback / Kinneret Publishing



written by Noya Sagiv & illustrated by Shahar Kober
Good morning world. Today is the first day. Today is Omer’s first day in the world. A head peeks out from under the cover. Omer reaches out with all his might. A touching story about the creation of the world along with the story of new-born Omer. Harback / Kinneret Pub

Rights sold: Spanish & Russian