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written by Libby Daon and illustrated by Rachel Shalev

Mrs. Pink Dragoness has an astonishing magical ring. Whenever she is lonely, she gives it a spin and lands in the most amazing places around the world where she gets the chance to meet and help people. An entertaining story about an adventurous dragoness.

Hardback / 276 x 265 / 54 pages / Kinneret Publishing




written by Deakla Keydar & illustrated by Ilana Zafran

Life is not fair, thinks Aviv, when her beloved cat Georgie gets lost. But the search for Georgie leads Aviv to fresh discoveries, not only of new friends and wayward cats but also of her true self. An original coming of age story in which we meet a young heroine with an open heart and find out that children, cats and life can be full of surprises. Ilana Zafran’s illustrations add wit and warmth to this memorable story about mending young hearts. Deakla Keydar is the author of Mummy Don’t Go and The Sad Alligator and the Fly.

Hardback / 165 x 235 / 160 pages / Kinneret Publishing

Jo, Pepper & the Big Sleep

written bt Hilit Blum & illustrated by Kinneret Gildar
Mr Pepper had a very bad cold, his nose wouldn’t stop running. Suddenly he hears a knock on the bedroom door and an enormous but familiar head peeps through. Joanna the elephant had heard that Mr Pepper was unwell and brought him hot soup and biscuits. Happy to have some company, he asks Joanna to tell him a story – the story of King Gub-Gub who rules from his bed and never had to get up. A touching story about friendship, care and lots of imagination as the best cures for a bad cold. Hilit Blum is an editor and a poet. Kinneret Gildar graduated in 2010 from the Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design and Education and Jo, Pepper and the Big Sleep is the third picture book she has illustrated. Continue reading

Square Egg

written by Shlomit Cohen Assif & illustrated by Lihie Jacob

Once upon a time there was a bald King with an egg-shape head who loved eggs. For his birthday, instead of a chocolate cake he would ask for an omelette made of a hundred eggs. When one night the King dreams of a square egg, he wakes the castle up and sends his ministers around the country in search for a hen who might hold the secret to a square egg.  Continue reading

Big Noah, Little Boa

written by Ken Spillman & illustrated by Orit Bergman

The sky goes BANG – a big storm is brewing. ‘What if it doesn’t stop raining?’ Noah thinks. BANG goes the sky again. Little Boa is frightened, so Noah picks him up and pats him gently. He imagines what it would be like if there was a flood and the streets flowed like rivers. Noah would know what to do. He is Big Noah now, and he will take care of Little Boa and of his new baby brother too… Ken Spillman and Orit Bergman created an endearing character, that echoes the mythical image of Noah but overcomes a real fear of the flood outside and the flood of feelings within, Continue reading

A Nut for Squirrel

written by Avirama Golan & illustrated by Raaya Karas

On her daily walks, Ella hopes to meet a squirrel. So, she brings cookies, strawberries, a bottle of water and some nuts. But Ella first meets a rabbit who would like a carrot, a mouse who would prefer some cheese and a swan who would rather eat bread. Will she ever meet a squirrel? A tender and humorous story for toddlers about caring for animals and understanding their needs by the wonderful team of Little Naomi, Little Chick. RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese.

Continue reading

Doctor Yoyo

written by Yael Gover & illustrated by Aya Gordon-Noy

Guy is lying sick on the sofa. Everyone is fussing around him: Grandma has prepared a bowl of soup, Grandpa – a sweet cup of tea, Mum brought a wet towel for Guy’s forehead, and Dad –  a spoon with medicine. But only his dog Yoyo knows what Guy really needs. A charming story about the healing power of a warm fur and a sympathetic heart.Yael Gover is an accomplished children’s book editor and writer. This is her second picture book. Aya Gordon-Noy graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Continue reading

The Legend of Kamtsa and Bar Kamtsa

written by Shoham Smith & illustrated by Einat Tsarfati

A wealthy man decides to throw a big party and sends his servant to invite to a close friend. But instead he invites  the wealthy man’s worst enemy. Will they seize the moment to make peace or will a greater dispute break out? This modern retelling of one of the most famous Jewish legends will appeal to every child who quarrels and makes peace with his friends.  WHITE RAVENS 2017 / RIGHTS SOLD: Italian


written by Maya Dubinsky & Yael Molchadsky & illustrated by Liora Grossman 

A special book that brings to parents and children the unique flavours, colours and ideas of the Jewish festivities. Each holiday has an original story that celebrates its meanings and values and a traditional recipe written and illustrated especially for kids. A family book that invites parents and children to share the happiest days of the year through wise tales and hearty dishes prepared together in the family kitchen.

Hardback / 48 pages / 21 cm x 30 cm / Kinneret Publishing