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Doctor Yoyo

written by Yael Gover & illustrated by Aya Gordon-Noy

Guy is lying sick on the sofa. Everyone is fussing around him: Grandma has prepared a bowl of soup, Grandpa – a sweet cup of tea, Mum brought a wet towel for Guy’s forehead, and Dad –  a spoon with medicine. But only his dog Yoyo knows what Guy really needs. A charming story about the healing power of a warm fur and a sympathetic heart.Yael Gover is an accomplished children’s book editor and writer. This is her second picture book. Aya Gordon-Noy graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Continue reading

The Legend of Kamtsa and Bar Kamtsa

written by Shoham Smith & illustrated by Einat Tsarfati

A wealthy man decides to throw a big party and sends his servant to invite to a close friend. But instead he invites  the wealthy man’s worst enemy. Will they seize the moment to make peace or will a greater dispute break out? This modern retelling of one of the most famous Jewish legends will appeal to every child who quarrels and makes peace with his friends.  WHITE RAVENS 2017 / RIGHTS SOLD: Italian


written by Maya Dubinsky & Yael Molchadsky & illustrated by Liora Grossman 

A special book that brings to parents and children the unique flavours, colours and ideas of the Jewish festivities. Each holiday has an original story that celebrates its meanings and values and a traditional recipe written and illustrated especially for kids. A family book that invites parents and children to share the happiest days of the year through wise tales and hearty dishes prepared together in the family kitchen.

Hardback / 48 pages / 21 cm x 30 cm / Kinneret Publishing

Miriam, Tell Me

written by Orna Pilz & illustrated by Moran Yogev

Miriam, Tell Me is a historical novel for beginner readers based on the Biblical character Miriam who saved her brother Moses thanks to her courage and resourcefulness. Through her clever eyes and fresh voice, young readers get an insight into the ways of life and the dramatic  upheavals of the time.

Orna Pilz’s simple and sharp writing builds a bridge over thousands of years for young readers of today together with Moran Yogev’s stunning illustrations.

Hardback / 165 x 235 / 88 pages / Kinneret Publishing


written & illustrated by Alona Frankel

Joshua asks his parents and pets to help him count up to ten. Until he finds a secret counting tool, right at hand. Alona Frankel’s work is translated internationally and has been exhibited around the world. She has won awards including an IBBY Honor (1982) and the Prime Minister’s Prize (2014).

Board Book / 200 x 200 / 24 pages / Kinneret Publishing


written by Galit Raved & illustrated by Maya Shleifer

In a lovely orchard stood three houses where lived three friends, but something had come between them. Step by step the magic threads of nature pull them towards the pond at the heart of the orchard and towards a little hungry fox. Around the pond, they join hands and come together. A poetic tale about the charms of nature and the intricacy of friendship.

Hardback / 215 x 260 / 36 pages / Kinneret Publishing


written by Ruth Dafna & illustrated by  Ariel Basil

A ladybird is resting in a sandbox with the sunshine keeping her warm.

When the rain starts pouring down, the ladybird goes in search of shelter but all the dry spots are taken.

A kind little boy takes her in his safe and warm hands.

Hardback / 240 x 240 / 32 pages / Kinneret Publishing

How to Draw No

written by Tal Chen & illustrated by Aviel Basil

a-word-with-no-beginning-cover“Noemie, what would you like to draw?” asks Daddy. Noemie knows what she wants but she is just learning to talk.  Daddy draws a frog and a panda.  But each time Noemie says: “NO, NO, NO.” Will daddy guess what she means?

Hardback / 220 x 220 / 36 pages / Kinneret Publishing

Continue reading

Sol and the Power Monster

written by Yaniv Heller & illustrated by Aviel Basil

Sol coverWhat would you do if one day a real Power Monster popped out of the socket in your room? Would you run away? Or would you go with it on an electrifying adventure?

Yaniv Heller and his son Ido met a real Power Monster and discovered the electric energy that flows between the hearts of children and parents.

Hardback / 240 x 160 / 48 pages / Kinneret Publishing


Let’s Be Friends

written by Rafael Saporta & illustrated by Nachum Gutman

Mom gave me a spooLet's be friends covern;  And a bib to wear on top;             I ate it all quite neatly;  And I didn’t spill a drop. 
Rafael Saporta’s (1913-1982) children’s songs and poems have become classics over the years With classic illustrations by Nahum Gutman (1898-1980), one of Israel’s greatest artists, and a new fresh design, LET’S BE FRIENDS is the perfect companion book for toddlers’ first experiences.

Board Book / 200 x 200 / 24 pp / Kinneret Publishing