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The Flat Monster

written by Fabien Clavel & illustrated by Xan Harotin

Franz is a monster who lives in a cave with his parents among other monsters. But Franz is a  flat monster and nobody is scared of him, which is a bit embarrassing for a monster. One day when his parents are away, Franz hears a bird whistle and goes out of the cave. On the way he meets other monsters and gets to see his difference in a new light. A wonderful new first reader comics series.

Paperback / Editions les petites bulles 


The Mysteries of Mina Series

Written by Caroline Petit & illustrations by Apolline Delporte
Panic in the building. There is a lot of misteries and our little heroes work on the resolution of each cases. A lovely series combining mystery, adventure and a lovely detective.


Paperback / 148 x 186 / 25 pages / Les petites bulles editions

Louna at the Museum

written & illustrated by Héléna Perez Garcia
Louna is a bright and dynamic little girl, ready to try all sorts of adventures. One Sunday, she goes to the museum with her parents. She sees a dog in a painting, and the dog jumps out of it! He jumps on Louna and she follows him. They go into several paintings together, dancing in a Matisse, diving into a Malevich, falling into a Miró… Also in the series BEDTIME LOUNARIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese

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Who is this Big Beast?

written & illustrated by Maria Elina
Three children discover a big beast that doesn’t move. They try to wake it up with water, fire, and food, but nothing works. Time goes by, and nature changes. The children fall asleep next to the animal, and then it wakes up. Hibernation is over: it’s Spring!

Hardback / 215 x 223 / 40 pages / Les petites bulles editions


The Dam

written & illustrated by Vincent Lefebvre

Two children build a dam in a small stream. But the water rises and covers everything! They go on a boat to help the animals in danger, they go through a bamboo forest and an enormous storm. After a long adventure, they realize that their dam had nothing to do with the flood. RIGHTS SOLD: KOREAN

Hardback / 215 x 223 / 40 pages / Les petites bulles edition


There are Wolves Everywhere

written by Caroline Petit & illustrated by Ana Gómez
A tiny wolf lives under Owl’s bed. Every day Owl asks for cakes and Wolf runs to the kitchen. They live happily together until one day Wolf’s family comes to visit and makes themselves at home. They urgently need a plan to get their peaceful life back. A fun story for young children with charming illustrations.

Hardback / TBC / 32 pages / Les petites bulles editions



Potiron and Little Bear

written by Juliette Valery & illustrated by Chloé Malard

Little bear would like to fly but “bears don’t fly!” explains Potiron. “Maybe because they never tried so I could be the first one,” replies Little Bear. Potiron has an idea – how about catching a cloud and tying it to a string? A tender story about a kid’s desire for freedom and the sense that the world is limitless.

Hardback / TBC / 32 pages / Les petites bulles editions



The Big Book of Holidays

written by Ingrid Chabbert & illustrated by Gabriella Corcione

For the ten little mice, the holidays have started. Would you like to pick up fruit and vegetables in the countryside, take a walk in the mountains, build sand castles on the beach or watch the stars in the desert? A rich look-and-find book to learn a multitude of words whilst having fun.

Board book / 215 x 330 / 16 pages / Les petites bulles editions



The Big Book of Seasons

Written by Ingrid Chabbert & illustrations by Gabriella Corcione
In only one single picture book, you will find a story, a seek-and-find, and the opportunity to discover bunch of new words! For each season, we follow the everyday life of a family of funny creatures. What happens in the house in the wintertime? And outside? For each season, two double spreads provide new vocabulary about the animals and the objects of this time of the year. RIGHTS SOLD: Korean

Board book / 215 x 330 /16 pages /Les petites bulles editions


The Big Book of Mr Rabbit’s Day

written & illustrated by Corinne Zanette
In only one single picture book, you will find a story, a seek-and-find, and the opportunity to discover bunch of new words! A bird just stole Mister Rabbit’s hat! And then it flew away… From that moment on, Mister Rabbit and the bird get into a high-speed chase that will last the whole day long! This book is a chance to learn the vocabulary of transports, cities, everyday life, and to appropriate figures and numbers.

RIGHTS SOLD: Korean & Simplified Chinese

Board Book / 215 x 330 / 16 pages / Les petites bulles editions