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written by Anne Loyer & illustrated by Chiara Arsego
Loli has a secret: when you go to the watchmaker on PassingTime street, if you turn the key twice the giant dial opens up. And inside, everything is magical. With every  tick-tock comes a new memory, a laugh and dreams have no limits.

Hardback / 240 x 320 mm / 40 pages / Les P’tits Berets



When You Sleep

written by Gabriella Ballin & illustrated by Daniela Volpari

When you are asleep, the Earth doesn’t stop turning. Many things happen on all the continents: a child in China is getting ready for school, a bear in Canada eats a snack. RIGHTS SOLD: Slovenian

Hardback / 300 x 200 mm / 36 pp / Les P’tits Beret

Abigail’s Sweet

written by Bénédicte Carboneill & illustrated by Barbara Brun

Tonight someone is knocking on the Ladenlongue family’s door. Who dares enter this dangerous manor? Gaëtan has come to ask for sweets or for a spell. It is Halloween! Abigail can’t stay in bed, she has to see who came to visit. Behind her parents’ back she follows Gaëtan from door to door and she discovers the pleasure of eating sweets … with moderation!!

Hardback / 205 x 210 / 32 pages / Les P’tits Berets


written by Marion Besnard & illustrated by Vivilablonde

Alexandra David-Néel was born in 1868 in Saint-Mandé, France. She was a Belgian–French explorer, spiritualist, Buddhist and the first European woman to stay in Lhassa, Tibet, in 1924. My Heroines seriesoffers to discover the fate of women who changed the History of Mankind. Their journeys are a testimony of great courage and a contribution to major changes. In the series Lucie Aubrac and coming soon Coco Chanel and Cleopatra.

Hardback / 160 x 230 / 48 pp / Editions les P’tits Bérets



written by Anne-Gaëlle Balpe & illustrated by Olivier Daumas
The narrator has a wonderful mother who knows a lot but who also knows something secret: the meaning of road signs. Apparently, they were put in place by aliens and for them each sign has a specific rule that enables them to go by incognito.

Hardback / 205 x 220 / 32 pp / Editions les P’tits Berets





written by Juliette Parachini-Deny & illustrated by Séverine Duchesne
On one hand there is Louis and on the other, Lisa. And between there is the everlasting rivalry and cliché of who is stronger. They face a witch, a dragon and an alien. Who will be able to protect the other one best? A fun story about strength and boy-girl interaction.

Hardback / 205 x 210 / 32 pp / Editions les P’tits Berets


written by Hélène Rice and illustrated by Barbara Rothen

Ulysse is a dog artist: photographer, writer, actor, singer … His skills are endless, but it is well known that it can be difficult to make a living. Being an artist makes Ulysse happy even if it means that he needs to eat potatoes every day. A reflection on our society and choices.

Hardback / 220 x 155 / 44 pages / Editions les P’tits Bérets


written by Marie Tibi & illustrated by Cocotte en papier
Berthe, the hen, was leading with her fellow hens a peaceful life until one day the cockerel shouted “Beware of the fox!” Indeed a fox is hiding nearby. He doesn’t want to eat them, he admires them and would like to be like them. Surely it is a cunning plan from the fox!
Hardback / 205 x 210 / 32 pages / Editions les P’tits Berets

The Little Ogre

written bt Jean-Christophe Morera & illustrated by Marie-Pierre Oddoux
Once upon a time there was a couple with seven children. As they didn’t have enough food, they were forced to abandon their children in the forest. It sounds familiar, right? Well, be prepared for a surprising ending. An retelling with a modern twist.

Also in the series CENDRICOURGE.

Hardback / 165 x 210 / 40 pages / Editions les p’tits berets


An Elephant in Paris

written by Ingrid Chabbert & illustrated by Fabrice Leoszewski
Opus is an inquisitive elephant. He is bored in his jungle and would lovely to discover other worlds. One day, he decides to pack a bag and go. His journey takes him to Paris where he meets a dog who offers to swap flats. An offer that he cannot turn down.

Hardback / 205 x 200 / 44 pages / Editions les p’tits berets