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written by Guillemine Patin & illustrated by Étienne Friess

It is summer time anSelpan coverd Gianni and his friend don’t know what to do. Their city Naples is not the most attractive so Gianni and his friend imagine a place named Selpan far away from pollution and dirt. A thought-provoking tale about preserving our environment with atmospheric art.

Hardback / 260 x 260 / 36 pages / Editions les P’tits Bérets


My World from 1 to 1000

written by Coralie Saudo & illustrated by Mayana Itoïz

Mon monde a 1000 coveWhat if numbers were getting together for a lovely gathering packed with humour? A great book to get familiar with numbers and their use in daily life by an internationally-renown team. Also find out  MY CLASS FROM A to Z.

RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese & Spanish (both titles)

Hardback / 230 x 300 / 44 pages / Les P’tits Bérets


A Day of Water

written & illustrated by Maité Laboudigue

une journee d'eau cover

Ondine lives with her friend Milo on a boat in the middle of the ocean. They have fun, find out that water can be dangerous and also learn about its natural cycle, purpose and challenges. An informative book about water and its preservation. RIGHTS SOLD: Korean

Hardback / 265 x 200 / 36 pages / Les P’tits Bérets


written & illustrated by Anne Isabelle le Touzé

Surprise coverAnne Isabelle le Touzé tells a story of friendship through her charming illustrations rich in details, enchanting characters and a joyful atmosphere. Why is everybody so busy and running around? They cut and draw – what could they be preparing in secret? A lovely wordless book leading to a wonderful surprise. Hardback / 300 x 220 / 36 pages / Les P’tits Bérets

Great! My Class is Going …

written & illustrated by Laurent Audouin


Follow Mathilde and her schoolmates to London, Paris, the sea, the Futuroscope, a discovery and ski trip. Mathilde writes down in her diary everything she does, learns and sees. A delightful series in a comics diary style packed with fun and well-searched facts and observations.

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Animal’s Weather Broadcast

written by Juliette Parachini & illustrated by Séverine Duchesne

la meteo cvr

Sit down comfortably on your sofa; the weather forecast is about to begin. Augusto, the presenter, is visiting different animals around the world and asks the young readers to participate in this unique broadcast.

An entertaining story with lovely illustrations by Séverine Duchesne.

Hardback / 205 x 200 / 31 pages / Les P’tits Bérets

Is it the Moon?

written by Richard Marnier & illustrated by Aude Maurel

Est-ce la lune coverIs it the moon? No, it is a croissant…
Is it the moon? Well… No, it is a soap bubble …

A clever book of black and white photos and drawings with poetic riddles about the different shapes the moon can take. Full of surprises!

Hardback / 160 x 160 / 56 pages / Les P’tits Bérets

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Stop Sulking

written by Christophe Pernaudet & illustrated by Sébastien Chebret

arrete coverPanic in the forest, the wolf is sulking – he is fed up with always being the bad one in the story. “I understand but think about all the small children; they want you and only you to scare them,” explains one of the three little pigs convincingly. A really funny story involving many fairy tale characters. RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish & Catalan

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