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written & illustrated by Anne Isabelle le Touzé

Surprise coverAnne Isabelle le Touzé tells a story of friendship through her charming illustrations rich in details, enchanting characters and a joyful atmosphere. Why is everybody so busy and running around? They cut and draw – what could they be preparing in secret? A lovely wordless book leading to a wonderful surprise. Hardback / 300 x 220 / 36 pages / Les P’tits Bérets

Great! My Class is Going …

written & illustrated by Laurent Audouin


Follow Mathilde and her schoolmates to London, Paris, the sea, the Futuroscope, a discovery and ski trip. Mathilde writes down in her diary everything she does, learns and sees. A delightful series in a comics diary style packed with fun and well-searched facts and observations.

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Animal’s Weather Broadcast

written by Juliette Parachini & illustrated by Séverine Duchesne

la meteo cvr

Sit down comfortably on your sofa; the weather forecast is about to begin. Augusto, the presenter, is visiting different animals around the world and asks the young readers to participate in this unique broadcast.

An entertaining story with lovely illustrations by Séverine Duchesne.

Hardback / 205 x 200 / 31 pages / Les P’tits Bérets

Is it the Moon?

written by Richard Marnier & illustrated by Aude Maurel

Est-ce la lune coverIs it the moon? No, it is a croissant…
Is it the moon? Well… No, it is a soap bubble …

A clever book of black and white photos and drawings with poetic riddles about the different shapes the moon can take. Full of surprises!

Hardback / 160 x 160 / 56 pages / Les P’tits Bérets

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Stop Sulking

written by Christophe Pernaudet & illustrated by Sébastien Chebret

arrete coverPanic in the forest, the wolf is sulking – he is fed up with always being the bad one in the story. “I understand but think about all the small children; they want you and only you to scare them,” explains one of the three little pigs convincingly. A really funny story involving many fairy tale characters. RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish & Catalan

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Arthus and the Clouds

written by Anne-Gaëlle Balpe & illustrated by Olivier Daumas


Arthus had a badly-behaved tongue. When he wanted to say some words, his tongue would twist or freeze, slip or stutter. He could never pronounce them. The worst word was his father’s job. This would be his job in the future as his father had already decided. Metrologeist! Metrelologist! There was nothing to do. He was allergic to this word.

Anne-Gaëlle Balpe has always been passionate about writing and the books that fascinated her as a child never left her. She says that she knits with words as she can’t knit with wool. Continue reading

When We Grow Up

written by Sandrine Beau & illustrated by Nicolas Gouny

Two kids dreaQuand on sera grand front coverm about the jobs they would like to do when they grow up: bubble-maker, dew-dropper, sweet designer, soaker of giraffes’ foreheads, snow-flake collector and, not to forget the job that everyone in love would like to try once, moon-catcher.

RIGHTS SOLD: Portuguese (Brazil), Complex Chinese (Hong Kong & Macau) & Simplified Chinese.

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The Teacher with the Huge Head

written by Jeanne Taboni Misérazzi & illustrated by Lucile Limont

le prof

Mr Cabbage-head is a science teacher naturally shy and discreet. When one morning, he wakes up with a huge head, he has to face people’s stare and the new reality of being different. Simple things such as driving, swimming, going to the cinema become problematic with a huge head.

RIGHTS SOLD: Complex Chinese & Korean.

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The Little Troublemaker and the Old Giant

written by Anne Loyer & illustrated by Soufie

The little troublLa petiteemaker spends her time getting on everybody’s nerves – children and adults. She cannot keep quiet and nobody wants to play with her until she meets an old man who is happy to spend time with her but will also teach her a valuable lesson.

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