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Three Koochooloos without a Story

Mandana Sadat

Once upon a time there were three Koochooloos without a story. They lived in the air, off love and fresh water, and above all ‘cherryflies’. Until one day Chikette said, “We can’t carry on like this, we don’t have a story!” She convinced the other Koochooloos to go in search of a story…

305 x 215 / 48 pages

World except Spanish, Catalan & English (World excl. North America)

Winter Afternoon

written by Jorge Luján & Mandana Sadat

tarde de invierno

This beautiful poem written by Jorge Luján is about a child waiting for his mother to come home deals with separation and reunion.  Mandana Sadat’s splendid illustrations add an emotional and tender layer to the text. Winter Afternoon is the result of two great creative minds meeting for the first time.

RIGHTS SOLD: English, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian & Korean.

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