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Margarita de Mazo & Jose Fragoso

In a peaceful kingdom, where time trickled by without haste, princess called Jill was born. The queen and king had always wanted a little girl whose hair they could put into ringlets. Jill was very curious and she soon learned to crawl, but Jill could never sit still!

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish, Catalan, Italian, English (UK/USA)


Dolores Brown & Rez Delvand

Sometimes when you want something very much, you have the feeling that it takes too long to arrive. ”We waited for you for so long. And one day finally, you arrived.” A deeply touching book about the wait when adopting a child, the arrival and the unconditional love of the adopting parents.

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish, Catalan, Italian, English(UK/USA), French, Portuguese


Daniel Fehr & Pauline Reeves

Somebody painted this wall…Who was it?
– It wasn’t me!
– I would never do something like this!
– I don’t even have paint brushes!
It is not easy to acknowledge our mistakes.

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish, Catalan, Italian & English (UK/US), Korean, Portuguese


written by José Carlos Andrés & illustrated by  Ana Sanfelippo
Ale would like a dog, a cat, an elephant, agiraffe… But a dinosaur? She would never have thought about it in a million years. A situation familiar to many families.

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish; Catalan; Italian; English (UK/US)

Hardback / 275 x 254 / 40 pp / Ediciones NubeOcho


written by A.H. Benjamin & illustrated by Merel Eyckerman
What’s that terrible GROWL? Is it a hungry lion, a dragon or a bear? And what does it want? An adorable story about the arrival of a baby brother or sister.

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish; Catalan; Italian; English (UK/US)

Hardback / 260 x 260 / 32 pp / Ediciones NubeOcho


I Love my Colourful Nails

Alicia Acosta, Luis Amavisca & illustrated by Gusti

Ben likes to paint his nails, until some kids at school started teasing him. When Dad realises why Ben is sad, he decides to paint his nails too. A touching story of tolerance.

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish, Catalan, Italian, English (UK/US) & Korean


written by Paula Merlan & illustrated by Gomez
Tim is a finger who loves going up Sofia’s nose. Sofia has a bad habit – her parents have told her over and over. Until one day when Sofia looks in the mirror she sees that her nose has become gigantic.

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish, Catalan, Italian, English (UK/US), French, Taiwanese, Chinese

The Truly Brave Princesses

written by Dolores Brown & illustrated by Sonja Wimmer
Princess Nin is a firewoman and princess Zoe is an astronaut. Princess Cristina have a patch on her eye, but she plays football like nobody else can. Here are some of the truly brave princess that you will meet around you. They are girls, young or old women, divorced or single mums … RIGHTS SOLD: Korean, English (UK/US); Spanish; Catalan, Italian.

Hardback / 260 x 300 mm / 44 pages /  Nubeocho

A Big Help

written by Daniel Fehr & illustrated by Benjamin Leroy
Badger sits alone and cries. He has lost his teddy bear. Bear will help Badger look for it. They trace back Badger’s steps, ask all the animals – teddy is nowhere to be found. But Bear has managed to distract Badger who doesn’t seem sad any more.

RIGHTS SOLD: English (UK/US); Spanish; Catalan, Italian; Korean

Hardback / 215 x 2700 mm / 36 pages /  Nubeocho