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written by Susanna Isern & illustrated by Mónica Carretero

Emotions help us solve problems, avoid danger, ask for help or encourage us to confront new situations. They help us relate better with what is around us and within us. The emotionometer is a clever device to identify and measure emotions.

RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese; Korean & Croatian

Hardback / 260 x 260 / 100 pages / NubeOcho



What is Happening to Nicolas?

written by Juana Cortés Amunarriz & illustrated by Raquel Díaz Reguera

Sofi realises that something’s up with Nicolás. He’s losing his colors! First the color of his hair; his orange hair. Then the green tones go…

The doctor will tell him to eat tangerines, and some kiwis. But, can his problems be solved with fruit? A must-have book for the shelves of every home and classroom, and not just for children suffering at the hands of bullies, but for all youngsters. It works on empathy and the need to talk about bullying.

Paperback / 145 x 210 / 76 pages / NubeOcho



written & illustrated by Raquel Díaz Reguera

Nobody knows what’s up with Uma. She’s always silently staring into the distance. Uma is sad and the truth is that she is being bullied at school.

A must-have book not just for children suffering at the hands of bullies, but for all youngsters.

RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese, Italian & English (UK/US)




written by Paula Merlán & illustrated by Sonja Wimmer

When Mrs Tortoise sees her reflection in the pool, her shell looks old and wrinkly. Her friend, Birdie, has a great idea to cheer her up. A poetic tale about growing old and friendship.

RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese, Korean, Italian, English (UK/US)

Hardback / 280 x 240 / 40 pages / NubeOcho


written & illustrated by Raquel Díaz Reguera

The kids have been told by the teacher that they need to dress up as their favorite animal. Valentina wants to go as “the perfect animal.”

But, what is it? A bear, a giraffe, an elephant…? The bravest, the tallest, the most…?

Hardback / 215 x 270 / 36pages / NubeOcho



written by Rafa Ordóñez  & illustrated by Laure du Faÿ

It was the monkey who came up with the idea for this grand contest – a farting competition in which all the animals in the jungle would compete. The elephant, the lion, the zebra, the rhinoceros … but who will be the winner? A hilarious story with magical artwork by the illustrator of THAT’S NOT NORMAL.

RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese, Korean, Italian, English (UK/US)

Hardback / 280 x 240 / 44 pages / NubeOcho

The Mirror in Mummy’s House/The Mirror in Daddy’s House

written by Luis Amavisca & illustrated by Betania Zecarias


There was a time when I had only one house. Now I have two houses and I really like both of them. In both houses I have photos of me with Daddy and Mummy and there’s something exactly the same – a great big mirror that I love gazing into.

Rights sold: Turkish, Italian & English (UK/US)

Hardback / 240 x 225 /

The Untold Story of the Tooth Fairy

written by José Carlos Andrés & illustrated by Betania Zacarias


Very few know the real story of the Tooth Fairy. Could it have started in the deep sea? This story begins with an oyster who lost her precious pearl… A captivating story about what happens when you lose a tooth.

Rights sold: Korean, Simplified Chinese, Italian & English (UK/US)

Hardback / 210 x 245 / 40 pages / NubeOcho

No Water No Bread

written by Luis Amavisca & illustrated by Guridi


This is a barbed wire fence. On one side of the fence there’s no water and on the other side there’s no bread. Whilst the adults respectively hold on to their bread and water, the kids happily share what they have and play ball over the fence. Published with the support of Amnesty International.

Rights sold: Korean, Italian & English (UK/US)

Hardback / 190 x 240 / 40 pages / NubeOcho

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written by Blanca Lacasa & illustrated by Gómez

bow-waw-mew-coverFabio doesn’t play fetch, bark or even wag his little tail. When Max discovers that his dog leaves the house every night, the young boy stays awake and finds out that Fabio goes out to meet up with a bunch of cats…

Rights sold: French, Italian & English (UK/US)

Hardback / 210 x 2455 / 40pages / Olika Förlag