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Today You Can’t Play

written by Pilar Serrana & illustrated by Canizales
Ana was nervous. Her palms were sweating and she had a belly ache. Ever since the new girl, Emma, had arrived in her class everything had turned into one big nightmare. A  powerful story of school life.

RIGHTS SOLD: English (UK/US); Spanish; Catalan, Italian, Complex Chinese

Hardback / 260 x 250 mm / 4 pages /  Nubeocho

Gilda the Giant Sheep

written & illustrated by Emilio Urberruaga

Gilda is a giant sheep who has been providing the farmers with lots of wool and milk until one day they want to get rid of her. Gilda is forced to run away from the mountains and arrives in  the city. Will she make friends and be able to start a new life?

RIGHTS SOLD: English (UK/US); Spanish; Catalan; Italian; Korean; German

Hardback / 250 x 320 mm / 44 pages /  Nubeocho


written by Margarita del Mazo & illustrated by Rocío Bonilla

Having a bear is really great, but having two is even better! “The big one is as strong as a giant and lets me see the world from up high. The little one is soft like cotton and brings me close to the tiny things.” A  charming story about friendship and companionship.

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish, Catalan, Italian, English (UK/US), French (France + Canada), Estonian, Latvian, German, Dutch, Russian, Romanian& Simplified Chinese


Hedgehog and Rabbit Series

written by Pablo Albo & illustrated by Gómez

Hedgehog and Rabbit enjoy eating cabbages and looking for snails in their peaceful garden. But when a scary swirling wind comes up, the two must find a way to face their fears. Pablo Albo narrates a hilarious adventure for the youngest of children. Goméz illustrates each title in the collection. RIGHTS SOLD: English, Italian, Korean & Simplified Chinese. JUNIOR LIBRARY GUILD AWARD. Continue reading

How to Cook a Princess

written by Ana Martinez Castillo & illustrated by Laura Liz

Now available to the public for the first time, the most famous Witches’ Cook Book in the world. It has all the secret recipes: How to cook Snow White, the delicious Sleeping Beauty omelet and the Cinderella hamburger. At last, all the exquisite recipes of Gingrich the witch in one book. No princess can resist!

RIGHTS SOLD: English, Italian & Korean.

Ediciones NubeOcho/Hardback/220 x 270/40 pages

Daniela the Pirate

written by Susanna Isern & illustrated by Gómez

Daniela dreams of becoming a pirate on the Black Croc boat. But it seems that the pirates are a little chauvinist. Captain Choppylobe will make Daniela go through very difficult challenges. Will Daniela make it? Is being a pirate only for boys? That’s not what Daniela thinks. RIGHTS SOLD: English (UK/US) & Italian. Ediciones NubeOcho/Hardback/280 x 240/44 pages

The Best Mum in the World

written by Rafa Ordoñez & illustrated by Paloma Corra

Chick has the best mum in the world. But so does Calf! And let’s not forget Piglet’s mum! When the three friends meet Bear Cub who got lost. Is his mum also the best mom in the world? RIGHTS SOLD: English (UK/US), Italian & Korean.

Ediciones NubeOcho/Hardback/240 x 240/40 pages


Dormouse and his Seven Beds

written by Susanna Isern & illustrated by Marco Somá

Every morning Dormouse is sleeping in a different place… inside Bear’s shoe, in Rabbit’s box of carrots, in between Deer’s horns. One day, the animals tell him he has to sleep in his own house. A touching bedtime story about the fear of sleeping alone. RIGHTS SOLD: Polish, Estonian, English (UK/US), Italian, Korean, French, Complex, Simplified Chinese & Turkish. Continue reading

Bear Hug

written by Susanna Isern & illustrated by Betania Zacarias

Natuk and White Bear are the very best of friends. But when a terrible catastrophe strikes the village, they might be separated forever. A winter tale that reveals the friendship between an Eskimo and a polar bear.

RIGHTS SOLD: English (UK/US), Italian, Korean & Turkish.

Ediciones NubeOcho/Hardback/230×230/36 pages

Joy the Elf

written by Carmen Gil & illustrated by Zuriñe Aguirre

Joy is a tiny elf. Every time Mateo sees her, you can bet there’s going to be a party. But the Rag Witch hates Joy, and one day she casts a spell to make Joy disappear. It’s an evil curse that instantly turns all of Mateo’s wishes to reality. If we always get everything we want, then joy disappears.

RIGHTS SOLD: English  (UK/US) & Italian Continue reading