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Lisa Broberg

Rakel’s friends are the best at keeping secrets. Yet, she can’t tell them everything. Nour lives in Västervik with her new family and Rakel and Tove remained in Stockholm. All the best places are there – the graveyard and the place for guitar lessons. And home is good too, of course, even if they don’t even have a hamster. Just tired fishes in a tank. And a secret, that weighs several tons.

Olika Forlag /135 x 210 / 192 pages / 9-12 ages

World except Swedish


Jennifer Wegerup & Jenny Karlsson

Straightforwardly explained by journalist and football-expert Jennifer Wegerup, this book will not leave a stone unturned when it comes to football, going into the basics and details that might at first seem daunting and difficult. The first book in the new series OLIKA Facts, a concept that will look into different subjects, told in a fun and straightforward way, to be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Olika Forlag / 200 x 200 / 124 pages

World except Swedish


Johanna Ivarsson, Karin Salmson, Emil Åkerö & Maija Hurme

Children think big thoughts and ask big questions. The mutual aspect of the many holidays in a year, both religious and cultural ones, is to give an opportunity to think together. An inclusive handbook that reminds us about the mutuality in our holidays and what it means to be human!

Olika Forlag /180×270; 270p

World excl. Swedish


Jesper Lundqvist & Daniel Sjo

‘A perfect day for a family-outgoing!!!’ It says on a note that someone has blown-off into space. The curious space creatures ask themselves what a family is and decide the go in search of one. A fun story that introduces various forms of families and the variations that make up a family today.

210mm x 210mm / 64 pages/ Olika Forlag


Elinaa Garp & Moa Graaf

Feel, play, search. Look, smell, poke. Many, round, long. High, low, narrow. Hi doggy, wet muzzle. The first title in ‘Playing by yourself’ series about exploring. A small child discovers the playground and meets with a dog.

Olika Forlag/ 180mm x 180mm/28 pages

World except Swedish

We Grow Strawberries

written by Sarah Vegna & illustrated by Astrid Tolke

Find out the simple steps to growing wild strawberries. Get the seeds, dig a hole, get your hands dirty … and finally be patient until the strawberries are ready. A playful day in a child’s everyday life and a lovely way to learn about nature.


Hardback / 180  x 180 / 32 pp / Olika Forlag 



written by Anja Gatu (9 – 12 years, 200 pages)
Nothing can stop Marta once she gets hold of the ball! Not her brother who doesn’t want her to play in the streets. Not having to work to help her mom pay the bills. Not even starting school can stop her from dreaming of a life of soccer. But when the chance to go play in Rio arises, willpower and soccer skills just aren’t enough. Because it costs money, the one thing Marta’s family doesn’t have.

Paperback / 200 pp / Olika Forlag



Why is the Mummy Angry?

written by  Kristina Murray Brodin & illustrated by Bettina Johansson

On the way , kids see a mum walking angry. Why is she angry? are wondering Alvdis and Hamsa. Has her kid been eating too many candies?  Or did something break?  Perhaps she had an argument? Companion title to WHY IS THE DADDY CRYING? Great books to discuss  feelings and what can be done them when they appear.

Hardback / 185 x 185 / 36 pp / Olika Forlag