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written by Joanna Berggren

Jamina has always been different – she can hold her breath for what seems like forever and cope with cold better than anyone else. When Milo joins her school, Jamina discovers there are others like her. Before long, Ismail the Guardian discovers their special powers. Ismail guards the last Ice Gate, the entrance to a world where magic and mystery are part of everyday life. A world about to perish that only Jamina and Milo can save.

Paperback / 155 x 215 / 132 pages / Olika Forlag


written by Cecilia Rihs & illustrated by Jenny Lindqvist
Mission: The Water Witch – Lina and her friend Pepper promised to help Grandma Hilda complete her Secret Guide for Adventurers. And to finish it, they need to try all of the adventures listed in the Guide. Their first mission is to find out more about Water Witches. How do you protect yourself from them? And how can you read a top-secret message if it’s written in invisible ink? A thrilling series full of adventures.
Mission: The Genie in the Bottle – If you find a genie in a bottle, you’d better be careful. Wanna know why? Join Lina and Pepper on their latest top-secret mission and you will find out!
Mission: The Swamp Trolls – Lina and Pepper have been sent on a new mission. This time, Christmas is at stake! Someone or something is trying to ruin Christmas. Gifts disappear, the gingerbread dough tastes like salt…                                    RIGHTS SOLD: Danish

Take Charge: Because it Works

written by Leone Milton, Marie Tomičić & illustrated by Emili Svensson

take-charge-coverWhat happens when you start to think about all the things that are good about yourself instead of the other way around? Many more questions are answered in this book. The more you understand how you work, the easier it becomes to choose what’s important to you and what makes you feel good.

Paperback / 296 pages / Olika Forlag

The Chase

written & illustrated by Sanna Borell

the-hunt-coverA fruit is stolen. The hunt begins. Catch the thief!  Soo close! This is it! Careful now. Quieeet. Even quieter. The hunt goes on through the woods, across fields and under the stars. The story sparkles with colours while the unexpected ending raises questions about things that we often take for granted.

Hardback / 205 x 205 / 32 pages / Olika Forlag

Mix Drives

written by Malin Lilja & illustrated by Matilda Salmén

Mixed Cars coverMix drives a car. She can feel the speed all through her body, the engine is purring like a cat. She puts on the turn signals and passes a big bus. “Nice bus!” she yells to the driver as she flashes past it.  At an intersection, a wheel loader is waiting for the lights to turn green. “Wanna switch?” Mix asks. “Sure”, the driver says. A fun story about a young girl who loves cars, truck, planes … RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish, Catalan & Korean.

Hardback / 186 x 185 / 32 pages / Olika Förlag

The Pirates and the Rainbow Treasure

written by Karin Frimodig  & Sara Berg & illustrated by Maria Poll
PirateIn the port, a ship is moored, with a curious crew aboard. Its sails are black as midnight, there’s not a wave in sight. We’re off to sea. Pirates, set sail!  Meet a lively bunch of pirates looking for treasure at the end of the rainbow.
“When rhymes in the text interplay so ingeniously with pictures of multifaceted pirates, you can’t help but to see The Pirates and the Rainbow Treasures as a future classic. (…) A discussion about everything that goes on in the illustrations becomes immensely fun. We need to turn ingrained patterns upside down, this book turns most things upside down and it does so brilliantly.” The society Barnboksbildens Vänner

Who’s That Series

written by Karin Salmson & Marie Tomicic & illustrated by Anna Tim

A joyful series tWho's that coverhat teaches children about animals, sounds, colors, forms and numbers. With well thought-out accessories and names from mixed backgrounds, these books reflect the diversity of modern society. Fun books about amazing animals! Check out WHO MAKES THAT SOUND? and WHO WAS HERE?

Hardback / 160 x 160 / 28pages / Olika Förlag



written Kristina Henkel & Marie Tomičić

cover_show_your_child_1An amazing book that helps parents, educators, childcare providers and everyone else who wants to show children the many options and opportunities available beyond gender stereotypes. The authors use everyday examples and humor to show that gender traps lie in wait for us all over the place, among toys and clothes, feelings and friendships.

RIGHTS SOLD: Korean, Spanish, Serbian & Norwegian

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My Family

written & illustrated by Anna-Clara Tidholm

What is a family? Mum, dmy family coverad and a child? Granny and a cat? Or a dad and three children? Is a family supposed to stay in one place or is it better to move around? Gabriella wonders and decides to ask a variety of children about their families. This is a book about families and how different they can look. Every child tells their story from their own perspective. Traditional families, new families – they are all included. And no matter how the families look, to the small child their own family is the family.

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Kick It, Charlotte (Soccer Stars series)

written by Jennifer Wegerup & illustrated by Bettina Johansson

kick it charlotte coverCharlotte plays soccer in a local all-girls soccer team called Ekby. They participate in a tournament called the Super Cup in another town and ends up in second place. Charlotte is very disappointed, and vows to win the Super Cup next year.


Soccer is growing more popular among girls all over the world. But almost all soccer books are about boys! These books are based on the childhood memories of famous female soccer players and they are written by well-known Swedish sports journalists. Continue reading