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written by Gökçe Gökçeer & illustrated by Mustafa Gündem

poti-coverPöti is the story of a real dog and the series were written to create awareness about animal shelters. The first book of the series is Pöti where we get to know this cool dog and read about how she meets her owner. The second book is Pöti ve Dede (Pöti and Granddad) and in this story, Pöti finds an injured dog on the street and together with her owner they take this dog to the vet and name him. Granddad is also a real dog who is very old. We meet an interesting space dog named Astro in the third book of the series, Pöti’s Grey Tooth. Pöti has a grey tooth and from the beginning it was a mystery how she got that tooth. In this story, we travel across the universe and meet Astro who will tell us the story behind the grey tooth. 16,000 copies sold. 

Paperback / 200 x 200 / 46 pages / Redhouse Kidz

Color, Doodle and Sketch

Written by Banu Aksoy & illustrated by Gökçe İrten

color-doodle-and-sketchThis is a sketchbook that will entertain anyone who enjoys coloring, doodling and drawing. There are 55 activities that will ignite one’s imagination. The activities varies from simple (Color this whole page with one color) to challenging (Draw a caricature of your parents.) The result might be a masterpiece or a simple doodle. And this does not matter as the main aim of this book is to enjoy your free time. On some pages there are one paragraph information boxes, which introduce terms like “pointillism”, “graffiti”, “collage” etc.

Paperback / 165 x 235 / 96 pages / Redhouse Kidz


Design Thinking

written by Ufuk Ceylan & illustrated by Dilek Yördem Ceylan

design-thinking-coverYou have never seen a cookbook like this before! It shows children the process of “creating a project” via simple recipes involving analyzing, problem solving, planning and team work. 18 recipes/ three levels in the shape of a board game.

Hardback / 180 x 205 / 120 pages / Redhouse Kidz



Paper City

written & illustrated by Nazli Tahvili 

Paper city coverThis story is about a little girl who lives in her own imaginary fantasy world. She builds a city of paper with houses, boats and even friends for herself.  One day, a little black bird comes through a hole on the wall but leaves very soon. The little girl becomes curious about what lies outside. A powerful wordless picture book by an award-winning Iranian illustrator.

Hardback / 215 x 220 / 32 pages / Redhouse Kidz

Oops, My Heart is Broken

written & illustrated by Elif Yemenici

Kalben’s frieHeartbroken covernds are playing with a ball but they don’t want her in the game. She is heartbroken and doesn’t know how to cheer up. She feeds the cats and drinks a cup of hot milk but nothing works. Until she remembers that the secret is to make someone else happy.  WHITE RAVENS 2016 / RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish;Catalan; Korean & Simplified Chinese. 

21,000 copies sold in Turkey; Best Children Books of 2016 by Radikal Newspaper.

Hardback / 255 x 240 / 28 pages / Redhouse Kidz

Shushu and her Tricycle

written by Yıldıray Karakiya & llustrated by Başak Günaçan

shushu coverIt is Shushu’s birthday! Her uncle takes Shushu to a toy store and Shushu picks a red tricycle for her birthday present. The rest of the story tells young readers about Shushu’s day-long adventure with the red tricycle from which she refuses to separate even for a second. In our day when technological devices are taking the places of traditional toys, the story presents a refreshingly nostalgic way of pastime for children.

Hardback / 255 x 240 / 28 pages / Redhouse Publishing

Shushu, Can and the Fourcycle

written by Yıldıray Karakiya & illustrated by Başak Günaçan

Shusha and Can cover

In the second title of the series, Yıldıray Karakiya introduces us to Can, Shushu’s new friend and tells us their adventure at the park. Can is a disabled boy, so Shushu sees a wheelchair for the first time in her life. In this story, the author shows children how people with disabilities can lead a normal life too.

Hardback / 250 x 240 / 28 pages / Redhouse Publishing

Playing in the Jungle Series

written by Aytül Akal & illustrated by Mert Tugen

playing 1This is a series of four books. Animals in the jungle are trying to learn new things in each book. There is a question at the bottom of each page which gives parents the opportunity to talk about the story with their children and explore. Simple and funny illustrations combined with text from an experienced author.

Playing Time (Ne Oynayalım?): Animals gather to play a game. Here, the book shows traditional games such as hide-and-seek, etc.  Continue reading

Stories from Leyla Fontaine Series

written by Tülin Kozikoğlu & illustrated by Sedat Girgin
Leyla 1Leyla Fontaine is the great-granddaughter of the famous Jean de La Fontaine, author of numerous fables. Leyla Fontaine lives with nine quirky animals including a frog and a porcupine! This is a series of nine books. Each story shows us different characteristic problems of these animals such as stubbornness, laziness, anxiousness etc.
Thus, children with the same problems can empathize with these animals.                                     RIGHTS SOLD: Book 1-9 Simplified Chinese; Book 1-4 Spanish and Catalan; Book 1-4: Polish; Book 1-3: Hungary Continue reading

Balloons in the Sky

written by Aytül Akal & illustrated by Anıl Tortop

Balloons in the SkyBALLOONS IN THE SKY is a collection of short stories by the famous Turkish author Aytül Akal, who has written more than 120 titles some of which has been translated across the globe. You will find nine stories about the problems children face nowadays, such as the gap created by technology between children and their parents, their lack of communication and the problems they face with their friends… The author handles these themes with humorous and sensibility. RIGHTS SOLD: Hungary
Hardback / 135 x 195 / 120 pages / Redhouse Publishing