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Renata Bueno

Each page of this book can be read one way or another – is the basket full or empty? Is this animal a spider or an octopus? It all depends on where you position the mirror. Full of surprises this book introduces children to the concept of symmetry.

Bayard / 180 x 180; 30p
World excl. French


Renata Bueno & Veridiana Scarpelli

While playing with a tunnel in the middle of the garden, two children discover that the world is perceived from different perspectives depending on the point of view.

185mm x 270mm/ 40 pages


Renata Bueno

What is lighter? A single soldier or a pile of feathers. A rabbit or a lion? To play with a scale is also to play with the experience of thinking the world in its complexity of the weights that do not correspond to forms, appearances and functions.

270mm x 185mm / 40 pages


written by Rui Lopes & illustrated by Renata Bueno
This story begins with a KING who made the LAW. The problem was that he always did everything in just the same way. Until one day Lady Christine, bored of all the routine, yelled  STOP! That’s ENOUGH!

Hardback / 174 x 135 / 48 pp / Orfeu Negro


Renata Bueno & Mariana Zanetti & Fernando de Almeida

By bike or by foot? By bus or by car? By train or by subway? We can move in many different ways, depending on the distance and the time we have. And with a little imagination, we can even travel by camel through space. In this book, three artist architects come together to talk about our movement in space, water or the air. To each situation corresponds a different way of moving.

Paperback / 190 x 270 / 32 pages / Companhias das Letrinhas


The Book of Collections

written & illustrated by Renata Bueno                                                                                              Mafalda collects leaves and carefully puts them inside a book she received as a gift from her uncle. The snail ate a leaf from Mafalda’s sequence. Can you tell which one? Tiago collects blue things. To continue Tiago’s sequence, what could be the three other blue things to add in? Under the bed of Luca lives a spider named Victoria who collects in her web insects. Can you guess how this sequence was organized? Continue reading

What will it be? Series

written & illustrated by Renata Bueno

o que sera coverHave you noticed that there are things that come and go all the time? Is there is a way to find out where they are? In the series, Renata Bueno presents a fun way to discover what is hidden in the closet of Olivia, who is swimming in the pool and even why the baby is crying! In every spread, the readers can enjoy discovering another piece of a story that is revealed only with a magic trick! Or is it a trick of science? In the series: What Will it Be?, Who Will it Be? and Why Will it Be?  Continue reading

But … Series

written & illustrated by Renata Bueno

WHO IS AFRAID? The alligquem_tem_medo_capa.inddator is angry .. but when he goes to the dentist’s the fear makes him flinch. Such bad teeth. What do you think he eats? Any hint? Through play and fun with wonderful graphics and fold-out pages, Renata Bueno shows readers that even things that seem to be more evil and brave can also be friendly.

Also in the series:                                                                         IS IT REALLY SWEET? / IS IT ALWAYS LIKE THAT?

PAPERBACK + GATEFOLDS / 162 x 230 / 46 pages / Editora do Brasil



written & illustrated by Renata Bueno

Manchas coverFor the artist Renata Bueno, stains are more than just random spots of dirt appearing where they should not. They offer endless possibilities for creating drawings and stories. Stains are everywhere and with a little imagination you can turn them into monsters, animals, castles or even a beard! Pointy, round, wide or narrow stains … when they are together they can make curious objects. Using the cut-out book cover, children will be able to make their own stains and turn them into their own design.

Hardback / 32 pages / Editora Saraiva

The Moon

written & illustrated by Renata Bueno

Has the MoA lua coveron ended up in the fish’s mouth, the cat’s tail or the king’s beard? Look good and pay attention! the moon is everywhere hidden in the most unlikely places. Where had the moon decided to hide now? A fun game to relate ways through poetry and illustrations.

Paperback / 170 x 240 / 24 pages / Ediçoes SM