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The Man Who Wanted to be a Flower

written by Anja Tuckermann & illustrated by Mehrdad Zaeri & Uli Krappen 
A man starts to dream that he is no longer a man going to work everyday but a flower. First he is a dandelion swinging in the wind, a red poppy with petals as soft as silk until he finally turns into a man again and dresses as a flower.

Hardback / 220 x 220 / 32pp / Tulipan Verlag




written by Regina Schwarz & illustrated by Julia Dürr
Come on let’s go travelling and pack every little thing… From the picnic fork to the striped pants. From the cereal bowl to the trombone. In the end everyone has to sit on the suitcase to close it. But crash-bang-boom the suitcase explodes and we have to start afresh.

Hardback / 230 x 250  / 36 pp / Tulipan Verlag


written by Barbara Rose & illustrated by Volker Fredrich
Aunt Lizzy is coming over. Leo likes aunt Lizzie
because she laughs a lot, but he doesn’t like her big mouth with red lipstick. ‘Give me a
kiss, little Leo,’ says aunt Lizzy pursing her lips. ‘Nope!’, Leo says, ‘I don’t want to.’ A fun story about kids’ deepest nightmare – giving a kiss!!

Hardback / 230 x 250 / 36 pp / Tulipan Verlag

The Bird who Forgot his Song

written & illustrated by Hendrik Jonas

When it gets warm during springtime the birds sing and chirp in order to attract a partner. But it was different with little bird who couldn’t remember his mating song. A lovely story about difference and identity.


Hardback / 215 x 200 / Tulipan Verlag



written and illustrated by Yayo Kawamura
The little wolf is sad. The squirrel, the rabbit and the fox are not allowed to play with him. Their mums won’t let them as they think wolves are dangerous. Only the little bee is brave enough to play hide and seek with the little wolf. Will the other animals be able to overcome their fear and join the fun?
RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish & Catalan
Tulipan Verlag / Board Book

Mr Huth’s Hat is to Blame

written by Jochen Till & illustrated by Daniel Djanie

A long time ago a small bird named Hugo had to urgently go to the toilet. Unfortunately, it landed on Mr Huth’s hat. Hugo wanted to apologise but when Mr. Huth saw the mishap on his hat, he was angry and insulted Hugo. And as a revenge, the birds had a nasty plan. Hardback / 220 x 220 / 36 pages / Tulipan Verlag



Pale Hannes

written & illustrated by Steffen Gumpert

When Joris learns that his biologist parents are planning to spend a few days on a desolate island, he is everything but enthusiastic. They want to research birds and plants and Joris has to join them. On board the ship that takes them to the small island, the Captain tells Joris that there is a ghost that has scared many tourists almost to death. Joris is thrilled and decides to track the ghost. A creepy-exciting graphic novel for small adventurers and ghost fans.

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish (Latin America), Dutch

Paperback / 170 x 245 / 64 pages / Tulipan Verlag

Awfully Nice Things

written & illustrated by Miriam Zedelius
A witty wordless book featuring short scenes from daily life – family luck, counting sheep to fall asleep, love letter … with a funny and unexpected twist. Miriam Zedelius studied illustration in Liepzig and Granada.

Hardback / 195 x 180 / 64 pages / Tulipan Verlag


I Want to Comfort You

written by Jochen Till & illustrated by Zapf
Everyone likes to be happy and it is most enjoyable when everybody is happy.  But that rarely happens and sometimes one can feel sad because something didn’t work out or something nice broke. In those instances a hug is needed – as simple as that. A touching story about comforting moments for all of us.
RIGHTS SOLD: French (Canada), Bulgarian & Korean
Hardback / 44 pages / 20 cm x 20 cm / Tulipan Verlag


Kippenberger & Caepsele
Zoe and Eddi are playing football when suddenly Eddi has to wee!” “We have just come down from the fifth floor.”

Mrs Lamprecht lives on the ground floor so Eddi accepts her offer to use her toilets. But her toilets are smelly as her husband forgot to flush.

Hardback / 230 x 250 / 40 pages / Tulipan Verlag