Jo, Pepper & the Big Sleep

written bt Hilit Blum & illustrated by Kinneret Gildar
Mr Pepper had a very bad cold, his nose wouldn’t stop running. Suddenly he hears a knock on the bedroom door and an enormous but familiar head peeps through. Joanna the elephant had heard that Mr Pepper was unwell and brought him hot soup and biscuits. Happy to have some company, he asks Joanna to tell him a story – the story of King Gub-Gub who rules from his bed and never had to get up. A touching story about friendship, care and lots of imagination as the best cures for a bad cold. Hilit Blum is an editor and a poet. Kinneret Gildar graduated in 2010 from the Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design and Education and Jo, Pepper and the Big Sleep is the third picture book she has illustrated.

Hardback / 210 x 270 / 40 pages / Kinneret Publishing