Animal Olympics

written by Assaf Harel & illustrated by Einat Tsarfati

Animal Olympics cover

Welcome to the race that will determine the fastest animal in the world! Will the tiger Mombasa Dombasa keep his gold medal this year or will the kangaroo Sydney Ali who is proving in excellent shape stand on the podium? What about the eagle Don Washington, the famous shark Mr Pointy or the horse Al Akbar? They could all win but there is one thing for sure – the turtle Arik has no chance to surprise us.

A story full of humour and pace about racing and winning with a lovely twist in the end. On your mark, get set, ready, go!!! Assaf Harel is a famous TV series writer and Einat Tsarfati is a talented writer and illustrator. This is their first race together. Einat Tsarfati is the illustrator of AFTER BEDTIME STORY.

Hardback / 215 x 285 / 48 pages / Kinneret Publishing