Another Way

written by Stéphane Millerou & illustrated by Sébastien Chebret  

Un autre chemin coverImagine a world where people would have unlimited access to wealth thanks to a miraculous liquid known as black gold. What would happen to society if it one day ran out? How would the world react and adapt? RIGHTS SOLD: Korean A powerful and thought-provoking book for all ages. Warmly recommended!

Stéphanie Millerou is a young author who started writing at the age of nineteen. After a Master’s Degree in History he became a teacher and started to write children’s books. He is the successful author of the ingenious picture book about art, MOUSY MOUSE (original title MUSETTE SOURICETTE). Sébastien Chebret is a versatile illustrator who works with all kinds of techniques: water colour, acrylic, collage … He is the illustrator of STOP SULKING (original title ARRETE DE BOUDER).

Hardback / 250 x 95 / 32 pages / Editions les P’tits Bérets