Arthus and the Clouds

written by Anne-Gaëlle Balpe & illustrated by Olivier Daumas


Arthus had a badly-behaved tongue. When he wanted to say some words, his tongue would twist or freeze, slip or stutter. He could never pronounce them. The worst word was his father’s job. This would be his job in the future as his father had already decided. Metrologeist! Metrelologist! There was nothing to do. He was allergic to this word.

Anne-Gaëlle Balpe has always been passionate about writing and the books that fascinated her as a child never left her. She says that she knits with words as she can’t knit with wool. She studied philosophy and now splits her time between writing and teaching. Olivier Daumas lives in the south of France. He studied graphic design and became illustrator in 2007. He illustrates children’s books and for advertising and also writes. Two of his illustrations were exhibited in the museum of illustration in New York and will be published in the ‘illustrators 52’ book.

Hardback / 200 x 205 / 32 pages / Les P’tits Bérets