Bellybutton Beware

written by Sharon Kantor & illustrated by Yaniv Shimony

זהירות! פופיקA giant is enjoying his deep afternoon nap and a young girl is walking up a hill when suddenly she falls down a hole – or rather down the giant’s bellybutton. At the bottom she is welcomed by an elephant, two horses, a cheetah, a guard and Japanese tourists who have been trapped for a long time. They are hungry, exhausted and need some fresh air. How could they get out? Our young heroine has a brilliantly ticklish idea!

A funny story that proves that a good sense of humour can save from the deepest trouble.
Yaniv Shimony is the illustrator of UNCLE LEO series, THE PERFECT STORY Story series and of a
superb version of THE WIZARD OF OZ.

Hardback / 225 x 280 / 32 pages / Kinneret Publishing