Cucuriculum Vitae

written by Kobi Niv & illustrated by Oleg Milshtein

The Old RKuku front coverooster loves to tell the story of the time he scored on the field. Unfortunately his glorious days on the football pitch are long gone, and he is laughed at by his animal friends. Until a famous wolf visits them one night. The artistic wolf reveals to everyone that sometimes even a simple chicken can change the fate of a wolf.

A humorous and heart-warming tale about the ability to achieve anything you desire regardless of who and what you are meant to be.

“In the middle of this new enchanting book by Kobi Niv and illustrator Oleg Milshtein occurs a dramatic event. In the inn, where the story takes place, enters a wolf (a famous painter) who surprisingly confirms the mad ramblings of the old chicken who for years has been entertaining the locals with how he scored the winning goal in an important championship match. […] A story where there is far more than meets the eye.” David Rapp, Haaretz newspaper

Hardback / 220 x 280 / 36 pages / Kinneret Publishing House