Dear Diary

written & illustrated by Iris Boim-Ronen & Michal Bonano

A uniqDear Diary front coverue book that will guide and help you write your own diary through a variety of fun and creative activities. You will explore, discover and document many aspects of your daily life (family, friends, dreams, books, trips …). “Who are your best friends and what will they look like in twenty years’ time? What are the chances that your grandmother was a pirate once? What book did you last read and couldn׳t put down?”

An inspiring book that encourages self-discovery through laughing, dreaming, thinking and writing! Iris Boim-Ronen is an organisational psychologist. Michal Bonano is an illustrator and a lecturer at Bezalel Academy.

Hardback / 165 x 230 / 96 pages / Kinneret Publishing House