Eight Seasons and a Bit

written by Séverine Vidal & Anne Montel

Amos’ fathEight Seasonser has come back home after over two years in a concentration camp. These were eight seasons and a bit. The family is slowly getting used to having him back. At school, the other children make fun and say horrible things. So Amos gets into fights, runs back home from school and finds refuge at the top of his tree.

“If you don’t come back down immediately, I’ll come up there”, his father said. This was the beginning of a new life up in the tree.

A touching book that deals with parent-child relationships after the Second World. After graduating Séverine Vidal became a teacher and has been writing children’s books since 2009. Anne Morel is a designer and illustrator.

Hardback / 185 x 260 / 32 pages / Les P’tits Bérets