Who Goes There?

written by Emilio Urberuaga

Quien anda ahi front cover

Emil lives inside the illustration of a book. One day he discovers that if he pushes hard on the line that borders the illustration, he will break it and enter another page. So he gives a big kick and steps into a blank page. He explores and adds a table, a chair and a birdcage until Coco, the protagonist of the story, comes looking for him.

RIGHTS SOLD: Portuguese (Brazil), Italian & Complex Chinese

A creative story by Emilio Urberuaga who is famous for his illustrations of the character Manolito Gafotas. In 2011 Emilio Urberuaga received the Premio Nacional de Illustración from the Ministry of Culture in Spain.

Hardback / 240 x 260 / 32 pages / Editorial Kókinos