Iqbal and the Golden Bird

written by Talma Alyagon-Roz

Our stoIqbal front coverry begins with Iqbal, a young boy from a rural town in Pakistan, whose loving parents always dreamt of a brighter future for their son. When Iqbal’s father gets sick, his mother is forced to sell the precious Golden Bird from her ancestors. Upset, Iqbal runs away from his protective family and falls into the hands of Amin. Locked in a room weaving carpets, Iqbal eventually escapes against all odds and becomes the voice of thousands of children at the United Nations.

IQBAL AND THE GOLDEN BIRD is based on the true and astonishing story of Iqbal Masih who at the age of 10 escaped child labour. Iqbal became an international hero and defended the idea that all children are born free. He was murdered at age 12. An inspiring and empowering true story! Talma Alyagon-Roz is a prestigious author, composer and poet. She was so moved by the story of Iqbal Masih that she had to write Iqbal and the Golden Bird. Talma also adapted the story for the stage – the play received great applause.

Paperback / 150 x 220 / 136 pages / Kinneret Publishing House