Kaspion the Little Fish/Kaspion Beware/Kaspion’s Great Adventure

written & illustrated by Paul Kor

Kaspion front cover

Find out about Kaspion the little silver fish and join him in his adventures. Discover a great selection of books by Paul Kor the most popular children’s book artists in Israel. With colourful and rich illustrations he created a world perfect for children to dive into.

RIGHTS SALES: Book 1 – Spanish; Catalan; Simplified Chinese; English (US & Canada); French; German; Korean; Complex chinese; Book 2: Simplified Chinese; French; German; Korean; Complex Chinese; Book 3: Simplified Chinese; French; Korean; complex Chinese.

Kaspion has become Paul Kor’s most famous character and has won the Ben-Yitzhak illustration prize from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Hardback / 210 x 270 / 30 pages / Kinneret Publishing House