Mi papá es un payaso · My Dad is a Clown

written by José Carlos Andrés & illustrated by Natalia Hernández

mi papa The other day at school, a classmate got angry at me and said: «Clown!» I thanked him and gave him a kiss. He did not understand a thing, but we became friends again.

José Carlos Andrés trained as a teacher but never managed to go into practice because theatre entered his life. When he went on stage for the first time, he discovered that making the audience laugh is something as magic as a fairy broom or a witch wand, but it takes you even further. He is fascinated by writing as it allows him to create new worlds full of laughter and emotions.

Since she was a child, she liked drawing and making things with her hands. Everywhere she went, she took her tools with her: paper, water colours and pens. She studied Fine Arts in Valencia, a Master on Artistic Production and several courses. All this training encouraged her in her decision to be an illustrator, so that she could draw and draw.

Hardback / 200 x 210 / 40 pages / NubeOcho · Bilingual Spanish/English