Monkey Tough, Monkey Bluff

written by Shirly & Ronny Someck & illustrated by Aviel Basil

At tMonkey Tough front coverhe heart of the jungle live twin monkeys. Monkey Tough is fast and brave and loves to hang upside down from trees. Monkey Bluff prefers a good rhyme and doesn’t always tell the truth. One day all the animals decide to teach Monkey Bluff a lesson and to play a trick on him. But will Monkey Bluff stop telling lies? A great story about friendship and group interaction – with lots of funny jokes!

Ronny Someck was born in Baghdad in 1951 and came to Israel as a young child. A leading Israeli poet, Someck’s work has been translated in many languages. He wrote this children’s book with his daughter Shirly. Aviel Basil is a talented young artist who graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

Hardback /  215 x 280 / 40 pages / Kinneret Publishing House