Mulou and Tsagai

written by Tamar Verete-Zehavi, Ronit Rozenthal &  illustrated by Silvia Cabib

The Mulou covertwins, Mulou and Tsagai, were asleep on their straw mats. Suddenly, the dogs began to bark and the cows began to moo. The twins woke up in a fright and ran to the door. “What’s going on?” they both cried when they saw the night sky ablaze in a bright light. Mulou and Tsagai have to run away  until they find protection in a refugee camp.


A powerful story based on the true life stories of Kesete, Garame, Daniel and Abdou who found in Tamar and Ronit true spokeswomen for all the refugees around the world. Tamar Verete-Zehavi is an established author who believes in the power of children literature to bring change. Mulou and Tsagai is her tenth book. Silvia Cabib is an artist from Jerusalem who worked with refugees and based her stunning illustrations on their drawings.

Hardback / 195 x 245 / 40 pages / Kinneret Publishing