Noona and the Magic Eraser

written by Orit Gidali & illustrated by Aya Gordon-Noy

Noona cover

It all started the day the girls played “pass the parcel” and the parcel stopped on Nora’s knees. She was so excited that her hands started to wave in the air and she said out loud “Sha-la-ling!” She waited for the girls, especially Hili who had organised the party, to feel happy for her. But Hili said: “Sha-la-ling? Are you a baby?” Offended Nora went home to look for the special eraser that could make words that had already been said disappear. RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish, Catalan, Complex Chinese & Turkish

Sequel to the successful NOONA AND THE MIND READER (Rights sold: English; Korean; Hungarian; Greek; Portuguese (Brazil), Simplified Chinese & Turkish).

Orit Gidali was born in 1974. Her first book, Twenty Girls to Envy Me, was published in 2003, and her second book, Closing In, followed in 2006. Both titles are poetry books. Orit lives in Rehovot, is married to the poet Alex Ben-Ari, and is the mother of Hallel, Noa, Ofri, and Aner.

Aya Gordon-Noy is an illustrator and graphic designer. Aya graduated with distinction from the department of Graphic Design in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem in 1996, and was awarded the Yossi Stem prize for illustration. Since 2007, Aya has been working full time as an illustrator. During that time her illustrations have been published in various newspapers, magazines, books, and commercial publications.

Hardback / 210 x 240 / 32 pages / Kinneret Publishing House