Oom Kallas and the Tortoises

written by Claerwen Howie

Oom Kallas cover 1A week on Gran’s farm becomes an adventure of discovery when Oom Kallas introduces them to the geometric tortoise. But a devastating veld fire sweeps through a nearby nature reserve. Will the firefighters stop the fire reaching Gran’s farm? Can Sally find the tortoises in time?

Claerwen Howie spent many years as a student and lecturer at Rhodes University, Grahamstown.

OOM KALLAS AND THE TORTOISES continues her concern about the need to conserve our country’s glorious biodiversity. Claerwen’s first book for children, VUMILE AND THE DRAGON, was published in 2012 by Bumble Books.

“In OOM KALLAS AND THE TORTOISES (Bumble Books), Claerwen Howie has much information to share with young readers about tortoises. The whole situation becomes far more exciting and frightening when a fire sweeps through the Cape mountains. Thanks to gallant fire-fighters and water-bearing helicopters, and Oom Kallas’s bravery, many tortoises are rescued. A reality adventure, enriched with Meg Jordi’s colour pictures.” Jay Heale – Fine Music Radio / December 2014

Paperback / 285 x 215 / 48 pages / Bumble Books