Porridge For Daddy

written by Shoham Smit & illustrated by Omer Hoffmann

What woPorridge for Daddy front coveruld you do if your little girl had decided to be a baby again and nothing worked? In this funny story by award-winning Shoham Smit, the family opts for an unconventional method – they start acting like babies too.  A beautiful breakfast brings everything back to normal – apart from Daddy who is left eating porridge!

RIGHTS SOLD: German; French (text).

Enjoy the hilarious illustrations, surprising twists and a clever look at family dynamics. This is Omer Hoffmann’s first children’s book. Whilst Omer has never eaten porridge, he is happy to have had the chance to prepare one in his illustrations.

“In her latest children’s book, Shoham Smit walks the fine line between magic and realism so convincingly, readers will never stop and say, ‘wait, that can’t be'”. Bar Hayoun, Haaretz newspaper

Hardback / 215 x 280 / 32 pages / Kinneret Publishing House