Shiraz’s Wise Heart

written by Rita Jahanforuz and illustrated by Vali Mintzi

When ShirShiraz coveraz drops her ball of red wool from the balcony, she knows she will need all of her courage to retrieve it. For the ball of wool has landed in a neighbour’s garden, and the person who owns the garden is very unusual. Rita is a well-known singer who was born in Iran and emigrated to Israel with her parents in 1970.

Rights sold: World English, Portuguese (Brazil), Turkish & Japanese

SHIRAZ’S WISE HEART is based on stories Rita’s mother used to tell her.

“When I was young my mother used to tell me a story I liked very much about a girl who lost her ball of wool, an old woman and the power of magic. When I grew up and became a mother, I told the story to my daughters, and they loved it so much that they asked to hear it again and again. I therefore decided to share it with children around the world.” A magical oriental tale about following the truth in your heart.

״…Author Rita Jahanforuz, a Tehran-born Israeli pop star, recapitulates in these vivid pages the fable of an understanding girl named Shiraz. Vali Mintzi’s illustrations here are wonderfully vibrant… ״ The Wall Street Journal

Hardback / 220 x 290 / 48 pages / Kinneret Zmora Dvir Publishing