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Along The Water

Written by Maylis Daufrenne and Illustrated by Stéphanie Augusseau



“Zéphyr… The sky is so big! And the ocean. I am so small. Sometimes I wonder where I fit in a world that seems so wide.” An atmospheric and poetic picture book about the overwhelming vastness and beauty of nature. In this wide world, we learn there is a place for everyone. 

Hardback / 200 x 240 cm / 40 pages / Orso Editions

Frida Kahlo

written and illustrated by Marion Besnard and Quitterie Laborde

Frida Kahlo is a perfect addition to the MY HEROINES SERIES – featuring strong and independent women who have marked history. Each title focusses on a specific moment in these women’s lives and is rich in information and facts that have been checked by history specialists.  

Hardback / 160 x 230 / 48 pages / Orso Editions

The Thoughts Catcher

written and illustrated by Juliette Parachini-Deny and Léo Méar

Mr. Edmond lived alone on a small island. Every morning he would open his shutterswatch the ocean, and listen to the wind. Mr. Edmond was a very good fisherman – he did not catch fish but rather thoughts and ideas. When he was bored, he would take his fishing rod and sit by the water. 

Hardback / 185 x 265 / 32 pages / Orso Editions


written and illustrated by Fanny Robin and Barbara Rothen

On the riverbank we can see lots of animals and unexpected characters: a unicorn sipping mint water, a pirate and a lovely mermaid. When children’s imaginations overflow, bath time can be a real adventure. 

Hardback / 180 x 180 / 24 pages / Orso Editions

Incredible Stories

written by Olivier Dupin & Séverinne Duchesne

“This morning on the radio, I heard an incredible story – an American hamster inherited one hundred million dollars. It is the richest hamster in the world. Nobody contested!” A thought-provoking book about how we process information.

Hardback / 265 x 185 / 32 pages / Orso Editions


written and illustrated by Coralie Saudo and Mélanie Grandgirard

Famous fairy-tale characters meet throughout the stories that the reader invents by combining the cut-out pages as they wish. An innovative mix-and-match picture book to discover well-known classics. 4096 possible options!

 Novelty Book / 315 x 180 / 40 pages / Editions Les P’tits Berets


Messy Hair Board Book

written and illustrated by Sandra Le Guen and Marjorie Béal

In this sequel to LES PIEDS EN EVENTAIL, young readers can learn everything about different types of hair. Juliette’s hair likes hair clips and hair bands and Aminata’s hair is the colour of cocoa like her skin.

Board Book / 180 x 180 / 20 pages / Editions Les P’tits Berets


Jean-Christophe Morera & Marie-Pierre Oddoux

There was a king who had an ugly beard named Blue Beard. One day from the top of his tower he saw a wedding and decided to get married too – then started a search for bride. A series of classics tales with a modern twist.

Editions Les P’tits Berets / 165 x 210 / 48 pages

World except French


written and illustrated by Nancy Guilbert & Séverinne Duchesne

Mary is the queen in her school. She is perfect with her ponytails and little socks. At least that’s what she claims. Nearly everyone follows her orders – there’s no other choice if one wants to be friends with her.

Paperback / 205 x 200 / 32 pages / Editions Les P’tits Berets


Anne-Gaëlle Balpe & Barbara Rothen

In a big grey castle lived a king and a queen. The queen was overwhelmed by deep sadness and nobody knew why. Until one day a small boy knocked on the castle’s heavy doors. A deeply touching book about communication, love and the power of reading.

Editions Les P’tits Berets / 240 x 320 / 44 pages

World except French