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But … Series

written & illustrated by Renata Bueno

WHO IS AFRAID? The alligquem_tem_medo_capa.inddator is angry .. but when he goes to the dentist’s the fear makes him flinch. Such bad teeth. What do you think he eats? Any hint? Through play and fun with wonderful graphics and fold-out pages, Renata Bueno shows readers that even things that seem to be more evil and brave can also be friendly.

Also in the series:                                                                         IS IT REALLY SWEET? / IS IT ALWAYS LIKE THAT?

PAPERBACK + GATEFOLDS / 162 x 230 / 46 pages / Editora do Brasil



written & illustrated by Renata Bueno

Manchas coverFor the artist Renata Bueno, stains are more than just random spots of dirt appearing where they should not. They offer endless possibilities for creating drawings and stories. Stains are everywhere and with a little imagination you can turn them into monsters, animals, castles or even a beard! Pointy, round, wide or narrow stains … when they are together they can make curious objects. Using the cut-out book cover, children will be able to make their own stains and turn them into their own design.

Hardback / 32 pages / Editora Saraiva

The Moon

written & illustrated by Renata Bueno

Has the MoA lua coveron ended up in the fish’s mouth, the cat’s tail or the king’s beard? Look good and pay attention! the moon is everywhere hidden in the most unlikely places. Where had the moon decided to hide now? A fun game to relate ways through poetry and illustrations.

Paperback / 170 x 240 / 24 pages / Ediçoes SM



How Many Drops Fall When it Rains?

Written and Illustrated by Renata Bueno

How many sharks live in the quantas gotas coveroceans of our planet? …
How many times have you been to the zoo?
How many ears did you see?
How many zebras did you see?
How many stripes did you count?

A wonderful book that offers ingenuity, learning and style.

XIV international illustration and book design competition “IMAGE OF THE BOOK” 2020 international laureate. 

190cm x 247cm / 48 pages / Renata Bueno

Urban Monsters

written & illustrated by Renata Bueno
Urban Monsters coverOne day I woke up different. I started to walk in the street and found strange things. Things that I had never seen before. Was it a dream? Everything looked new to my eyes – a funny face appeared in the street, a monster in the sky or buildings with eyes and teeth. A stunning book in which city sounds become dialogues of fantastic figures.

RIGHTS SOLD: Portuguese & French

Paperback / 320 x 220 / 64 pages / Editora Martins Fontes

What is Freedom?

written & illustrated by Renata Bueno

For many, the bird isWhat is freedom cover a symbol of freedom. But after all, what is freedom? A book full of unexpected dialogues between a bird and a pencil, a chameleon, or a mirror … The poetic responses from each of them about what is such freedom will make us all realize that this feeling may be different for each of us – and not least authentic.


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Poems with Problems

written & illustrated by Renata Bueno

Poemas problemas coverA clever and fun book with lots of maths problems to solve for math lovers and for those who are less keen on numbers. Two little red fish swimming in a ring and a big orange one (this one is the king). Nine tiny dancing yellow ones, flip and roll, having lots of fun in my new fish bowl. All asked, darting round, how many fish do you think can be found?  

RIGHTS SOLD: Korean & French

Paperback / 200 x 200 / 40 pages / Editora do Brasil