The Fox and the Grapes

written by Shoham Smith & illustrated by Omer Hoffmann

The Fox and the Grapes Cover

A fox traveled through the countryside with one thing on his mind: I’m so hungry. My poor tummy. I’ll eat anything I can find. Along he marched till suddenly (despite rumbling from his tummy) he saw a dazzling vineyard.

THE FOX AND THE GRAPES received a Children’s Illustration Merit from 3×3 Illustration Annual in 2014. WHITE RAVENS 2015.

Shoham Smith’s natural and sharp writing brings the well-known tale of the fox and the grapes to a younger audience. Omer Hoffmann’s rich and vibrant illustrations add a modern touch to this universal story. This is their second collaboration after PORRIDGE FOR DADDY. A feast to the eyes, the ears and the tummy!

Hardback / 237 x 215 / 36 pages / Kinneret Publishing House