The Sad Alligator and The Fly

written by Deakla Keydar & illustrated by Aviel Basil

Alligator is feeling saThe Sad Alligator and the Fly front coverd and only sees the clouds in the sunny sky. When a fly buzzing by wishes him a good morning, Alligator answers: “Not a good morning at all!” What could Fly do to make Alligator laugh? Twirl around on one antenna like a ballerina; do a backward somersault?

RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese.A lovely story about two mismatched characters discovering friendship. Funny dialogues and a tickling ending! Deakla Keydar is a screenwriter and the author of MUMMY, DON’T GO! Aviel Basil is a talented illustrator who won the Israel Museum Award (silver medal) for his illustrations in 2012.   

Hardback / 270 x 200 / 32 pages / Kinneret Publishing House