Treasure of Hebrew Legends

written by Shoham Smith & illustrated by Vali Mintzi

What did the aniTreasure of Hebrew Legends front covermals eat in Noah’s Ark? How did the angel give Moses his stutter? What riddles did the queen of Sheba write for King Solomon and what did a little bee teach him? This splendid collection includes all the most famous and important tales from the vast treasure of Jewish culture.

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Stories that have been passed from generation to generation and from the holiest books are retold here in a way that speaks to the child of the 21st century.Shoham Smith is the winner of the Prime Minister Prize for literature. Her clear writing style is paired with Vali Mintzi’s striking illustrations that mix old and new with vivid colours. A unique book that enlightens children’s imagination. Winner of the 2010 ACUM prize.

“[…] the tales have been written in a simple and clear style, not childish at all, and the thoughts and notes that accompany the stories only enrich the experience for the child […]”
Haim Baer, Maya Bejerano, Avirama Golan (Judges of the ACUM prize).

Hardback / 235 x 280 / 128 pages / Kinneret Publishing House