Mum There’s a Bear outside our Front Door

written by Sabine Lipan & illustrated by Manuela Olten

Mum There's a Bear at our Front Door - coverA bear is on the 11th floor. That doesn’t exist, does it? The little boy from the skyscraper saw him clearly. How did he get there? On the elevator but before he went on the bus and before that on the bike. A charming and funny story about the friendship between a boy and a bear who left the forest to see the sea.

RIGHTS SOLD: USA; Portuguese (Brazil); Danish; Simplified and Complex Chinese.

Sabine Lipan worked as a teacher, journalist, copywriter and speechwriter for political and social institutions until one Sunday morning five little alien popped out of her head and inspired her first children’s book. She writes stories for children of all ages.

Manuela Olten is a photographer and designer as well as being a successful children’s book author and illustrator. She obtained her degree in Children’s Book Illustration in Offenbach, Germany. Manuela uses her distinct humour and artistic style to create witty and amusing stories that have been translated into many languages. Her first picture book BOYS ARE BEST was awarded the Oldenburger Children and Youth Book Prize 2004 and was also nominated for the German Youth Literature Prize 2005.

 Hardback / 250 x 230 / 36 pages / Tulipan Verlag