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Written by Justyna Wodowska and Illustrated by Magdalena Jakubowska

Adam is a happy boy who loves dinosaurs, his dog named Scarf and ball games. But one day he notices that he lacks strength. Concerned, his mother takes him to the doctor’s who finds out that Adam has anemia. How can his blood regain its lost power? A diet rich in iron-containing foods should help.

Hardback / 230 x 270 mm / 32 pages / Dwukropek



Written by Gabriela Rzepecka-Weiß and Illustrated by Magdalena Kozieł-Nowak

Pola is going to the forest with her family. It may be a little wet and there’s a risk of scratching one’s legs. So, it’s best to wear wellies, pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Let’s discover the forest and how to best behave to look after oneself and the environment.

Hardback / 230 x 270 mm / 32 pages / Dwukropek



Written by Gabriela Rzepecka-Weiß and Illustrated by Maciej Szymanowicz

Flora, together with her parents and her best friend Pola, is vising her grandparents in the countryside. The journey is long and monotonous, so the parents one by one come up with magical lands through which a cheerful bus goes.

Hardback / 220 x 270 mm / 24 pages / Dwukropek



Written by Gabriela Rzepecka-Weiß and Illustrated by Piotr Stachera

Frank and Felix are two brothers full of energy. Frank has lots of ideas, and Felix is always happy to join the fun. Together they are like two volcanoes, and Mum and Dad can barely keep up with them. In the evening, it is not easy to get them to sleep. So, Mum and Dad have thought of a game.

Hardback / 235 x 280 mm / 32 pages / Dwukropek



Written by Nina Gato and Illustrated by Aleksandra Fabia

Do we really always have to give Grandma or Grandpa a kiss, even when we don’t feel like it at all? What if a complete stranger wants to kiss us? Is it politeness to let others kiss us, hug us, and hug us against our will? Certainly not! This book is about unwanted kisses, and how to support a child in difficult situations.

Hardback / 230 x 280 mm / 32 pages / Dwukropek



Written by Wojciech Grajkowski and Illustrated by Agata Szargot

Nine-year-old Kamil goes to a holiday camp, and of course he is accompanied by his heart. Their joint adventures will allow the reader to find out why blood is like soup and what we need it for, how long red blood cells live and whether they really look like Silesian dumplings, why the heart beats so quickly during exercise, and how our blood can save someone’s life.

Rights sold: Romanian

Hardback / 280cm x 238cm / 56 pages / Dwukropek

Little Bear Is Looking For Friends

Written by Monika Kamińska and Illustrated by Agnieszka Wajda

A big hairy bear was walking through the thick forest. He was so big that while walking through, he would break many tree branches and make loud noise. All the animals living in the forest heard him coming and fled to their hiding places to escape from this terrifying animal.

But little did they know, the bear was just looking for friends.

Boardbook / 220cm x 27cm / 24 pages / Dwukropek

The Seed

Written and illustrated by Ewa Podleś-Virette


Would you like to find out about seeds – what they look like, how they are used as spices (kitchen, cafe), how they are sold (market) or processed (oils)? An informative book for the whole family.  

Rights sold: Estonian, Czech, Korean, Complex & Simplified Chinese

Hardback / 208 x 288 / 32 pages / Dwukropek

Over The Clouds

written and illustrated by Karolina Szopa

A picture book about the importance of spending time with family. Staying away from the TV, computer or mobile screens can be a difficult exercise. Winner of “Best Designed Book – Let’s Start with the Children.”

Hardback / 230 x 270 / 32 pages / Dwukropek


written by Magdalena Boćko-Mysiorska and illustrated by Dorota Prończuk

Follow twins Tosia and Julek through everyday situations and watch how differently they react. The author, who is also a pedagogue and therapist, writes with great sensitivity about matters that some parents can find challenging: how to deal with the first day in kindergarten, potty training, how differently children react to water, and how to handle anger in a child.

Board Book / 230 x 270 / 19 pages / Dwukropek