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written by Magdalena Boćko-Mysiorska and illustrated by Dorota Prończuk

Follow twins Tosia and Julek through everyday situations and watch how differently they react. The author, who is also a pedagogue and therapist, writes with great sensitivity about matters that some parents can find challenging: how to deal with the first day in kindergarten, potty training, how differently children react to water, and how to handle anger in a child.

Board Book / 230 x 270 / 19 pages / Dwukropek

Pola on the Beach

written by Gabriela Rzepecka-Weiss and illustrated by Magdalena Kozieł-Nowak

Pola already knows the SIX RULES NOT TO GET LOST so she will definitely not get lost during a family trip to the beach. But how can she have a nice and safe time on the beach? How do you relax and have fun without disturbing others?

Paperback / 230 x 270 / 32 pages / Dwukropek

The Power of Emotions

written by Katarzyna Miller and illustrated by Katarzyna Nowowiejska

Kate has been waiting for many days for “Kite Day” with great impatience. Recently the sun has been hiding behind the clouds but today the sun flooded the room and Kate felt a sudden surge of JOY. Joy is a great feeling and many different things can trigger this feeling.

Paperback / 190 x 190 / 32 pages / Dwukropek


written by Marcin Pałasz and illustrated by Monika Suska

We meet a group of friendly monsters who live on the edge of the Gloomy Forest. They spend their time baking buns and eating candies. There is almost nothing that could disturb them. Almost… as there is also this crazy duck who wears a tutu and believes she is an opera diva.

Paperback / 163 x 265 / 96 pages / Dwukropek


written by Marcin Pałasz and illustrated by Justyna Hołubowska

A beautifully illustrated book about taking care of the world, children, animals and nature. We follow the Spicacious family in their daily life and discover the the Red List of Threatened Species, how to separate garbage or how each of us can save water and many more interesting facts.

Paperback / 160 x 235 / 176 pages / Dwukropek


written by Izabela Skorupka and illustrated by Anna Gensler

Something is rotten in the kingdom of Not Greenness. There is so much garbage that the king and queen can not get to the throne. This is the fault of princess Gimmina. At her command scientists have been using natural resources for years scaring the animals, cutting down forests and littering the environment.

Paperback / 230 x 270 / 32 pages / Dwukropek


written by Wojciech Grajkowski and illustrated by Wojciech Stachyra

Taking care of your teeth is extremely important. The characters of this book are: a little girl named Pola and dental tools.They will explain to children why brushing teeth is necessary, what milk teeth are, and that everyone can like a dentist.

Paperback / 245 x 260 / 32 pages / Dwukropek


Izabela Michta & Anna Gensler

Little Luke is a witness when his mother gives first aid to an elderly gentleman who lost consciousness in a cake shop. The boy is very impressed by his mother’s knowledge and determination and he would like to learn how to savesomeone’s life. He decides to practice on his teddy bear.

230 x 270 / 32 pages

World except Polish


written by Gabriela Rzepecka-Weiss and illustrated by Magdalena Kozieł-Nowak

Sometimes a moment is enough – in a crowd, a shop, on the beach – when a child disappears from our sight and gets lost. The most important thing is that the children act in accordance with the learned rules. This great book teaches children these rules and how to prepare them for such a situation.

Rights sold: Complex Chinese, Turkish & Italian

Paperback / 230 x 270 / 32 pages / Dwukropek


written by Marcin Jamkowski  and illustrated by Maciej Szymanowicz/Karol Banach

THE GREAT PEOPLE is a series dedicated to prominent figures in world history.  THE GREAT EXPLORERS presents twenty-six travelers and the background for their biggest geographical discoveries. In THE GREAT INVENTORS the author introduces people from the past and present whose inventions changed the world and in THE GREAT SCIENTISTS we met the world’s most outstanding scientists and thinkers.

Rights Sold: Czech & Simplified Chinese

Paperback / 250 x 290 / 128 pages / Dwukropek